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Myke Johns was hired in 2006 to edit for a few hours a week. Since then, he has run through traffic on Marietta Streetridden shotgun in a speeding racecar, and spent many late nights with actors and athletes alike.

His work has won awards from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters and the Georgia APME.

In addition to his reckless behavior here, he also serves as co-producer of WRITE CLUB Atlanta, a competitive philanthropic literary event.

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This weekend and beyond, Atlanta's clubs and concert halls are playing host to some country greats and a certain Tuesday Night Music Club member making a return to form. Contributor Mara Davis and host emeritus Steve Goss look ahead with Mara's Music Mix.

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Tuesday on "City Lights with Lois Reitzes":

Jeff Watkins

Shakespeare’s plays are often accepted as works of historical fact. In the case of "Richard III," many believe we’ve been deceived all these years.

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The show is the Atlanta Shakespeare Company’s current production and runs through July 2.

As far as historical accuracy goes, artistic director Jeff Watkins insists that it doesn’t matter.

Jerry Siegel Agency

In 2016, "Eclipsed" was the first Broadway play with an all-female cast, writer and director. The setting is Liberia in 2003 during that country’s second civil war, and tells the stories of five women struggling to make sense of the brutality around them.

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The show is onstage at Synchronicity Theatre now through June 25.

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Monday on "City Lights with Lois Reitzes":

Brit Else

Friday on "City Lights with Lois Reitzes":

Charles Sykes / Invision/AP

This weekend's concert calendar includes some big-name country, a hometown rap icon and half of Fleetwood Mac.

Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look ahead with "Mara's Music Mix."

Al Such / WABE

"Early Sunday morning is when the magic happens" according to Denene Millner. The New York Times bestselling author has released her first picture book. It’s called “Early Sunday Morning” and centers on a young girl named Sarah who one Sunday is called upon to sing a solo with her youth choir during church services. The book follows as she goes to different people for advice and tries to calm her nerves.

Myke Johns / WABE

When Dr. Regina Bradley isn’t teaching Kennesaw State University students about the rise of hip-hop in the South, she’s also using her literary voice to discuss some of those themes in her fiction.

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Bradley, a noted hip-hop scholar and a former Nasir Jones Fellow at Harvard University, has a new book of short stories available called "Boondock Kollage."

Myke Johns / WABE

Wednesday on "City Lights with Lois Reitzes":

Myke Johns / WABE

The AIDS Quilt has found a new home in downtown Atlanta. Now, as the quilt turns 30, it is preparing to make the move to a digital home as well. The NAMES Project Foundation, which acts as custodian for the more than 49,000 panels, has a new storefront on Luckie Street.

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"Our last location [in Midtown], we had predominantly warehouse and a small space to engage people," Julie Rhoad said.

Chris Pizzello / Invision/AP

There are plenty of big shows and new talent on display in Atlanta's venues this weekend, from the mother of all jam bands to one of hip hop's most acclaimed new voices. Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look ahead at the concert calendar with Mara's Music Mix.

Breeanne Clowdus

There is some genuine swashbuckling going on in—and above—the forest at Serenbe Playhouse. The theatre company continues its rebellious 2017 season with a production of the classic story of “Robin Hood.”

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The production is in weekend performances through Aug. 13.

Courtesy of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation.© 2017 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc./Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

If you know the name Andy Warhol, chances are good that you know of his pictures of soup cans and Marilyn Monroe. Those were just a couple of the images that the New York-based artist made into indelible pieces of our popular culture. But a new exhibit at Atlanta's High Museum of Art shows that Warhol meant so much more to American art.

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Courtesy of Jeffrey Butzer

Director David Lynch has returned to television. Showtime brought back his cult favorite "Twin Peaks" at the end of May – the show picks up 25 years after the original series came to an end. With this revived fervor for Lynch's altogether strange take on the world, Atlanta musician Jeffrey Butzer is paying tribute to Lynch's music at the EARL.

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Julie Jacobson / Associated Press

This weekend calendar includes another great neighborhood festival and a songwriting legend coming to town. Contributor Mara Davis and host emeritus Steve Goss have the rundown on upcoming concerts with Mara's Music Mix.

Al Such / WABE

The literary cannon has lots of examples of children stranded on islands, from "Lord of the Flies" to "Peter Pan" and beyond. Atlanta-based author Laurel Snyder offers her take on the idea in her new novel "Orphan Island" from Walden Pond Press.

"The goal was to write a book where there were no grown ups," Snyder tells "City Lights" host Lois Reitzes. "But counter to something like 'Lord of the Flies,' I wanted it to be a kind of utopian world where the children really to care for each other."

Theatrical Outfit

When people talk about the “magic of the theatre,” they rarely mean the kind that involves pulling rabbits from hats and pulling doves from thin air.

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But “The Dancing Handkerchief,” which runs June 1–18 at the Theatrical Outfit, injects that old-fashioned magic back onto the stage.

Britt Else

A lot happens in the fast-paced world of a restaurant’s kitchen … but can redemption happen there as well?

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Atlanta’s Horizon Theatre’s current production is “How to Use a Knife,” and centers on George, a  Michelin-rated chef who has cooked in three-star restaurants but has had a fall from grace.

Robb D. Cohen / Atlanta Jazz Festival

This weekend, Atlanta plays host to a park-full of jazz legends and a pair of star songwriters in a stripped-down setting.

Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look ahead with "Mara's Music Mix."

Frank Franklin II / Associated Press

For 20 years, Chuck Klosterman has written about sports, rock-and-roll, ethics, movies, TV — pretty much everything we consider popular culture, or for that matter, culture.

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His work has appeared in the The New York Times, Spin, GQ, Esquire, Grantland and other publications. His 10th book, "X," (pronounced "10") is out now and features a wide range of his published work from the past decade.

Chris Carlson / Associated Press

For Atlanta Dream co-owner Mary Brock, there is practically a straight line between the basketball court and the board room, and she has data to back it up.

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“There have been so many studies and surveys done about successful women,” Brock said to In Conversation host Valerie Jackson. “If you look at women who are successful in business and you survey them and find out if they participated in sports at any time in their lives, over 80 percent participated in sports.”

Chris Pizzello / Invision/AP

This weekend, Atlanta plays host to R&B superstar John Legand at Chastain Park and a mysterious Icelandic quartet at the Fox. Here to unpack it is contributor Mara Davis and host emeritus Steve Goss.

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Courtesy of Americolor Opera Alliance

Three brothers, all born of different mothers, find themselves all living under their father's roof. Truths about past affairs surface and the tension builds. This is the way "House of Brothers," the latest production by The Americolor Opera Alliance, begins.

Courtesy of Rebekah Suellau

If you've ever wanted to scream, quit your job, and start a punk ukulele band, Synchronicity Theatre has a show about exactly that. "Hannah Cremation + The Ash" is opening for two nights of performances this week.

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Courtesy of aLIVE Coverage

There's a whole lot of shakin' going on in Atlanta this weekend with the Shaky Knees Festival in town.

Here to run down that and still more of the concert calendar, music contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for "Mara's Music Mix."

Courtesy of Theresa Davis

Mother's Day is Sunday, and we thought it would be fun to invite in a mother and daughter who both work in the arts for a conversation.

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We fell immediately upon Alice Lovelace and Theresa Davis. Lovelace is a writer and activist who moved to Atlanta in the 1970s and helped found a number of organizations, including the Arts Exchange. Davis, her daughter, is a teacher, poet and organizer who can be found hosting poetry slams around the city.

Myke Johns / WABE

Art is still going up on the walls of the airplane hangar-like space of the Notch8 Gallery. Artist Tiffany Charesse watches, smiling and satisfied, as her work is hung. One of those pieces is of a modern dancer —tank top, jeans and ballet flats rendered in delicate pastels. The dancer’s knees are bent, he is up on his toes with his arms outstretched. This image repeats in a pattern that stretches all around the picture — the dancer holding hands with himself over and over.

Courtesy of Spivey Hall

Spivey Hall is celebrating an anniversary this year. But it's not a great performer or composer's anniversary, it's an instrument's. The Albert Schweitzer Memorial Organ at Spivey is getting a 25th anniversary concert.

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The organ was built by the firm of Fratelli Ruffatti in Padua, Italy and its installation was overseen by Emily Spivey.

Courtesy Alon Balsham

One way of dealing with stress is to imagine one's happy place. Alon's Bakery and Market is one of those places for many Atlantans. The shop recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. 

From the sound of Ella Fitzgerald often heard over the store's stereo to the tantalizing food on display, Alon's has become a mainstay in the Morningside neighborhood.