AETC Board of Directors

The Atlanta Educational Telecommunications Collaborative, Inc. (AETC), a 501 (c) 3 public telecommunications enterprise, was founded in September 1994 to provide financial, promotional, and volunteer support for WPBA TV 30, WABE 90.1 FM and APS Cable Channel 22. AETC recruit volunteers for pledge drives, apply for grants, assist with business operations of local and national educational programs and manage endowment funds for public television and radio. The AETC Board of Directors is comprised of eleemosynary community agencies and institutions.

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Atlanta Educational Telecommunications Collaborative Board of Directors

 Louis W. Sullivan, M.D.

Vice Chair: Kevin Ross, Esq.

Treasurer: Frank Chew

Secretary: Charles E. "Chuck" Taylor


  • Gale Fox Barnett
  • Steven Behm
  • Barry Berlin
  • Luz Borrero
  • Cynthia Briscoe Brown
  • Val Carolin
  • Ann Cramer
  • Erroll B. Davis, Jr.
  • Sadie Jo Dennard
  • Rajeev Dhawan
  • Monique Earl-Lewis
  • Andrew Feiler
  • J. Mac Holladay
  • Mara Holley
  • Rhonda Holt
  • David Jernigan
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Brenda Muhammad
  • Shane Nichols
  • Sunny Park
  • Rene Webb Pennington
  • Herman Reese, Ed.D.
  • Jeffrey Snow
  • William “Sonny” Walker
  • Michael L. Warden
  • John White, Jr.
  • Lani Wong
  • Michael Wood
  • Tom Yamamoto