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David Barasoain

Director of Radio Production

David Barasoain is the Director of Radio Production for 90.1 WABE. In this capacity he oversees the production of all locally generated non-news content at Atlanta’s NPR station.

With 25 years in radio he’s worked in nearly every capacity, including as a Manager, News Director, Producer, Development Coordinator, Trainer, and Host. He has conducted or produced hundreds of radio interviews/features and covered various issues including the environment, science, and community.

He’s won several awards, including an Urban Forestry award, nearly a dozen Associated Press awards, and an Edward R. Murrow award.

He's studied at the Center for Documentary studies at Duke University, specifically in their radio documentary courses Hearing Is Believing I and II.

In 1998 he received his MA in Journalism Studies - with an emphasis in radio - at The University of Westminster in London, England.

Ways to Connect

Bob Galbraith / Associated Press

This story is part of "Atlanta Remembers: The 1996 Olympics," WABE's series on the impact of the 1996 Summer Olympics on Atlanta, 20 years later. For more stories, click here.

Editor's note: This story includes language and some descriptions of violence.

Courtesy of Alliance Theatre

The Woodruff Foundation has awarded a $38 million grant to the Woodruff Arts Center.  They say it will go to support a range of artistic, educational and capital improvements across the Woodruff Campus. It is the is the largest gift in the organization’s 46-year history. 

A good portion of the funds will go to the Alliance Theatre, as WABE's David Barasoain explained to host John Lemley on City Cafe today.  

You can read the whole press release about the grant here.

George Takei was in town last weekend.  He became famous for his role on Star Trek as Mr. Sulu - helmsman of the USS Enterprise. He was here to narrate 'SciFi-Spectacular,' a series of concerts with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  

The High Museum

The director of the High Museum of Art has announced his retirement.  Michael Shapiro has been working with the High's leadership team for the past 20 years, and as the High's Nancy and Holcombe T. Green Jr. Director for the past 15 years.

His official last day will be July 31, 2015. He sat down with WABE's Lois Reitzes to talk about his departure.  She began by asking him, "Why now?"


Atlanta Sounds: Baby Birth

Sep 28, 2014

In late 2012, Mary and her husband, Andy Rodriquez, submitted audio to WABE of their hospital room where their soon Tycho would soon be born.

4 hours and 22 minutes later afer their initial recording, Tycho came into the world, and they couple caught his first moments on tape. We've turned that audio into this Atlanta Sound.


Have an idea for Atlanta Sounds? Let us know!

The Glass Blower - Audio Slideshow

Aug 15, 2014

Mali Harrell has been blowing glass in a Decatur studio for just a few years, but says that in that time, she's become "completely addicted to it." Glass blowing is the process of heating up a molten piece of glass and then blowing air into a special pipe called a punty rod. This fills the glass with air to give it the shape you want. It might sound easy,but it is not. It is a delicate and very hot process as we learn in this Atlanta Sounds story. 

Atlanta Sounds Audio Slideshow:  

Badminton - Audio Slideshow

Aug 8, 2014
Evan Jang / WABE

When we think of fast moving shuttles, we usually don’t think of a sport where a shuttle is used.  But the shuttle in a game of badminton can travel over 200 MPH.  No, it is not the friendly backyard BBQ game of our youths here; we’re talking about people with special rackets, shoes and love of a sport that actually started in India in the 1800s.  

Neal Samuels plays badminton almost every week here in Atlanta. We recently visited him on the court to see the sport in action.

Wynton Marsalis
Frank Stewart

Wynton Marsalis is in town this week, performing with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra as part of the National Black Arts Festival.  Marsalis is a trumpeter, composer, teacher, music educator, and Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center—he has spent much of his life furthering the art form of jazz music. He recently spoke to our own Valerie Jackson about the concert and growing to love the artform of jazz.

Hummingbirds - Audio Slideshow

Jul 3, 2014
Dylan Fagan/WABE

Hummingbirds are seasonal in Georgia, and they usually make their first appearances here in early March.

Woodstock, Georgia resident Betsy Hegerty has a love for the birds which is quite evident. She’s set up a dozen or so feeders around her home.

“I just find them fascinating,” Hegerty says. "We gather [hummingbirds] over the spring and summer, but by late July and August we have a frenzy."  We visited her backyard to see the birds for ourselves.

Dave Barasoain

These kids were not just selling lemonade, but they were raising money for the charity Press On, to fight childhood cancer. 

Apparently, the young fundraisers have done this once before, and more lemonade sales are expected to follow.  

Courtesy of Viking

How does someone become a rare book collector?  Charlie Lovett’s interest began when he saw his father collecting old and rare copies of Robinson Crusoe.  That sparked a fascination in books that led Charlie to eventually become a rare book dealer, and today, a published author.

Dan Raby / WABE

Today the High Museum of Art opens a new exhibition called, "Dream Cars - Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas".  This is a collection of seventeen cars built or designed from 1934 to today.  Some of them are designs by Ferrari, Bugatti and Porsche. According to the High Museum, the "dream" represented by these cars was that of future possibilities and pushing the limits of imagination and design. Here WABE Producer David Barasoain speaks with City Café host John Lemley.

Match Day at Emory

Apr 29, 2014
Jaime Lee / WABE

Each year graduating medical school students face “Match Day.” It’s the day when these students find out where they will be ‘matched’ for their residency – a time when each will be trained in their chosen field of medicine. 

Match day happens at medical schools across America each year on the 3rd Friday of March at the same exact time. 

WABE’s David Barasoain had a first-hand look at match day last Friday at Emory University and has this report.

Here is a video of the event:

The Tractor Collector - Audio Slideshow

Apr 25, 2014
Dylan Fagan

In this Atlanta Sounds audio slideshow we meet Bo Bradshaw.  He’s been collecting tractors since the 1990’s.

While modern tractors have electric starters, Bradshaw’s 1938 AW John Deere tractor has no key, but requires a hand crank to start. 

Bradshaw grew up in a small town in Indiana, where his love of tractors originated. Today he is a resident of Inman Park where you can sometimes find him giving hay rides.

Courtesy of Georgia Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is known for his great masterpieces of verse, plays and sonnets. Georgia Shakespeare hosts a summer camp to teach kids about the man and his work.

Camp Shakespeare is a summer camp hosted by Georgia Shakespeare on the Oglethorpe University campus.  Among lessons on sword play and acting, they also learn something unique about the author and playwright’s command over the English language, Shakespearean insults. 

Katie King / WABE

Clarence Harrison spent nearly 20 years in prison for a crime that he didn’t commit.  Advancements in DNA processing helped prove him innocent, and in August of 2004, he was freed. Just days later, he married his wife, Yvonne. Today we're revisiting his story, and have an update. 10 years after our first interview, parts of his life are being told through song with the help of local musician, Melanie Hammet. Here are the two parts of Clarence Harrison's story.

Small Matters: RNA

Mar 21, 2014

If you’ve ever been swimming you might know the feeling of trying to overtake the person in the next lane.  As you swim beside them, the urge to pass motivates you to push beyond what you thought was possible. It turns out this human drive to compete isn’t confined just to the swimming pool — it also happens in the lab.

Audio for this story may be found here.


Sometimes people find their passion early in life and don't stray from the course.  This story is about just such a person, and what her devotion might mean for the rest of us. Ari Daniel reports for us now in his series this week called Small Matters


Consider Atlanta, Georgia and Dharamsala, India. They’re on opposite sides of the planet, but a unique partnership has brought them side by side. And it’s become a match, some might say, made in heaven.  Ari Daniel reports for us now as we continue with this week’s series, Small Matters.

Audio for this story may be found here.


Take something you use everyday, like a metal fork. It’s cold and shiny. But where does its coldness and shininess come from? It’s comprised of countless atoms that, on their own, are not cold and shiny. But bring those atoms together, and something rather different emerges: your fork. This story is about the pieces, the whole, and how to get between the two. Ari Daniel reports for us now in his series this week called Small Matters.

Audio for this story may be found here.


The way we talk about finding a romantic partner is biased. Take “love is in the air” or “love at first sight.” These idioms assume that feelings must be transmitted through air or through visual cues. But it turns out that love isn’t just limited to what we see. Reporter Ari Daniel begins this week long series called Small Matters.

Audio for this story may be found here.

A quarter of the British population visits a cathedral every year - and the numbers are rising.  And for many, the music they hear is very much part of the experience. But now there's a warning that cathedral choirs are under threat as finances come under increasing pressure.  The BBC’s arts correspondent Rebecca Jones has been finding out more.  

A lucky couple in California recently discovered they were sitting on gold.   Unbeknownst to them they had over 1,400 gold coins from the 19th century buried on their property.   Now some of these coins are being displayed here in Atlanta at the Cobb Galleria through tomorrow at the National Money show.  NPR’s Audie Cornish recently spoke with rare coin dealer, Don Kegan, about the extremely rare find. 

David Barasoain

Today marks the 80th birthday of one of the Atlanta Braves most famous baseball players, Hank Aaron. From 1954 to 1976, he played as an outfielder for the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves as well as the Milwaukee Brewers.

Aaron still holds many baseball records, including runs batted in,  extra base hits and total bases. However, he is probably best remembered for breaking Babe Ruth’s home run record back in on April 8th, 1974.  

Dylan Fagan / WABE

Stress inside a big city is almost a given.   Here in Atlanta with the traffic, politics, jobs, construction and the economy, it can all be a bit much sometimes.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get away from it all?  Some Atlanta residents do just that with a visit to the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve

That’s where WABE’s David Barasoain found a few people that enjoy birding at a location that is well inside the city. 

The musical Anything Goes will return to Atlanta, but this time on the small stage. Grady High school will perform Anything Goes as its big Spring musical over the next couple of days.  

And as WABE’s David Barasoain found out, even at the high school level, it takes much to pull off a musical.

With just a couple of days to go until Christmas we thought we’d share a few seasonal memories from a few Atlanta residents.   We asked a number of people to share their thoughts with us as they visited the High Museum of Art.     

  There are many December holiday traditions.  Maybe it is finding that perfect Christmas tree, setting up decorations or sending out cards. But what probably doesn’t come to mind is fruitcake.  It seems to be under appreciated by many, but we were sure that we could find someone here in Atlanta who loves it. WABE’s David Barasoain found such a person at The Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers.  

Horizon Theatre

The Santaland Diaries began as an essay by writer David Sedaris. It’s the true and humorous account of his stint working as a Christmas elf at Macy’s Department Store. Sedaris first read the essay on NPR’s Morning Edition in 1992, and that story was his first major break.  For the past 15 Christmases, Atlanta’s Horizon Theater has performed the essay, adapted as a play.  And since its first run in 1998, actor Harold Leaver has played the main role as Crumpet the Elf.


Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" has been a holiday mainstay at the Alliance Theater for nearly two decades. The elaborate production, anchored by Chris Kayser as Ebeneezer Scrooge, features a cast of all ages, song and dance, and characters appearing from thin air or flying around the stage as the story leads us through the miserly Scrooge's Christmases past, present and future. WABE's David Barasoain produced this behind the curtain view of A Christmas Carol for City Cafe back in 2011.