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Georgia lawmakers are traveling around the state, visiting military bases. Their goal is to make sure the bases here are in good shape, so that if more bases around the country are closed, Georgia's remain open.

The federal government has closed bases in the state recently. About ten years ago, Georgia lost a few, including Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem in the Atlanta area.

 In this Sept. 29, 2014 file photo, Secretary of State Brian Kemp announces a March 6, 2012 date, as Georgia's 2012 presidential primary at a news conference in Atlanta.
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Georgia's top election official says the state is prepared if hackers target its election systems in light of evidence of hacking in two other states.

"It's been in our radar, it will continue to be on our radar,” said Secretary of State Brian Kemp Tuesday. “We're working hard everyday to make sure that those type of things don't happen in Georgia. And then if for some reason they were to happen, we have plans to deal with that.”

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Atlanta's claim to reality TV fame has been "Real Housewives of Atlanta," but a new show delves into the lives of real drag queens.

"Atlanta's A Drag" features five Atlanta drag queens as they navigate their lives in and out of drag. The cast includes a generational mix of Bubba D. Licious, Mr. Charlie Brown, Wild Cherry Sucret, B***** Puddin’, and Violet Chachki of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fame.

Lauren Cribb and Andrew McDonald are the producers of the series and are currently pitching their pilot episode to networks.

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The website, where people can buy health insurance, is displayed on a laptop screen in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015.
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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia says it will soon be the only insurer on the Affordable Care Act exchange in most of the state.

Blue Cross says with Aetna's pullout earlier this month, it will be the sole insurer on the exchange in 96 Georgia counties next year. UnitedHealthcare and Cigna are also dropping out of the market, while Humana is significantly downsizing its footprint to just a few counties. 

This year, all 159 counties had at least two providers offering plans.

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Print cartoons and movies are “twin media.” 

That’s according to Dr. Eddy Von Mueller, a senior lecturer in the Department of Film and Media Studies at Emory University. Mueller says that newspaper comic strips first appeared on American newsstands in 1892, the same year Thomas Edison introduced his first movie-watching machine. Both forms of media were treated with suspicion by the sophisticated elites.

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Chipotle's latest burrito giveaway is for children.

The company is offering free kid's meals on Sundays during the month of September, another attempt to lure back customers spooked by a series of food scares. An E. coli outbreak last year sent Chipotle sales plunging.

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Gov. Nathan Deal and other officials are traveling to Ireland for a brief trade mission, including the Georgia Tech football team's game in Dublin this weekend.

Deal and other representatives of Georgia agencies leave for Dublin on Wednesday and return to Atlanta on Sunday.

Deal will participate in a coin flip before Georgia Tech's game against Boston College on Saturday.

The trip agenda also includes visits to several companies with ties to or interest in Georgia and a Friday evening reception promoting tourism.

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From the White House to San Francisco police union headquarters, Colin Kaepernick's name came up this week as his decision to sit down during the national anthem reached far beyond football.

And many aren't thrilled with the 49ers quarterback's strong words about why he is doing it: To instigate change and challenge authority when it comes to race relations and what he considers police brutality.

An Atlanta-area cellphone repair technician is accused of hacking into a female customer's phone and sending himself pictures of the woman.

Milton police tell WSB-TV that Harmeet Singh was arrested last week and charged with felony computer invasion of privacy.

Police spokesman Lt. Charles Barstow says the customer brought her broken cellphone to a store in June.

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Three-hundred authors will descend upon downtown Decatur this weekend for the Decatur Book Festival. And the festival makes sure that local authors are well represented.

Julia Franks is one of those local authors. She will be discussing her debut novel "Over the Plain Houses.”

In a commentary about the novel, arts writer Gail O'Neill commends Franks on her ability to tap into the diction and zeitgeist of Appalachian North Carolina along with her ability to delve into the intricacies of relationships.

An Olympic champion is thanking a 7-year-old Atlanta girl who found his gold medal in a pile of trash weeks after it got stolen.

Joe Jacobi won the medal in men's canoe double slalom at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Jacobi says it was stolen when somebody broke into his car in June.

Downtown skyline from the top of Grady Hospital parking deck
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Traffic will likely be busier than usual in downtown Atlanta this holiday weekend.

More than 500,000 people are expected to be within the city limits with more than a dozen major events taking place between Thursday through Monday.

They include: an Atlanta Falcons game, an Atlanta Braves game, an AC/DC concert and the Black Gay Pride weekend.

And the ever-popular annual Dragon Con is expected to bring about 65,000 people to the city.

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A new Atlanta law that tracks changes to affordable housing may be catching on nationally.

New Orleans and Pittsburgh are among the cities looking at adopting an ordinance similar to one that was first passed in Atlanta last fall. It requires city officials to quantify how many low-cost housing units would be lost or gained with a change in municipal policy.

Housing advocate Matthew Charles Cardinale said those reports, referred to as affordable housing impact statements, can help influence future city planning, and they can also be a resource for the public.

Newton County commissioners have until Tuesday to respond to a concerned letter from five of the county's mayors.

In the letter Friday, the mayors said they're "embarrassed" by how the county has handled a proposed mosque. Among several requests, they asked county commissioners to lift a moratorium on building permits for places of worship.

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Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence visited Cobb County to stump for Donald Trump, one of three stops in the state the Indiana governor made Monday in support of the party’s presidential nominee.

At the Cobb Galleria Centre, Pence played up Trump’s image as the “law and order candidate.” He told the crowd of hundreds if they wanted someone who would build strong borders, build a wall and end illegal immigration, then Trump was their candidate.

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Ninety-year-old Ruth Kane was born in 1925 to a young unwed mother in central California.

She was placed in the care of a close-knit farming community for the first seven years of her life, before returning to live with her biological family. Her great-granddaughter Melissa brought her to StoryCorps, where Ruth told her about some special messages she received as a child.

This story was recorded in partnership with the Atlanta History Center, which hosts Atlanta's StoryCorps Booth.

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As Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence bounces around Georgia today and tomorrow, he'll continue to face questions about his running mate's shifting immigration policy proposals.

Donald Trump has said he plans to clarify his stance in a speech in Arizona on Wednesday, but until then, even one of Georgia's staunchest opponents of illegal immigration isn't clear about where the Trump campaign will land on the issue.

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Southern accents differ depending on where in the South you're from, for instance, plus race, class and age. Researchers at the University of Georgia are starting a project to catalogue the South’s many accents.  

In the past, UGA professors have studied what words people in different places around the country use – like "pop," "soda" or "Coke." Now, they're looking beyond word choice and into pronunciation in the South.

Here are different Southerners saying the word "white" from UGA’s collection.

The Decatur Book Festival
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Malek Jandali is a multi-faceted talent. The German-born, Syrian-American pianist is best known as a concert pianist and composer. The Arab Spring in 2012 and the ongoing Syrian Civil War have focused his musical gifts on activism and humanitarian work.

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Films festivals can attract audience members from different cities, states and countries. The Southern Circuit Independent Film Series takes a different approach: it takes film to the audience.

South Arts, which aids artists and arts organizations in the South through funding and other services, organizes the series. This year, 18 filmmakers will travel to 21 different venues across the Southeast. Each filmmaker goes on tour for a week, and each community decides which films of the 18 they want to screen. The series begins this Thursday and runs through April.

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Gene Wilder, the frizzy-haired actor who brought his deft comedic touch to such unforgettable roles as the neurotic accountant in "The Producers" and the mad scientist of "Young Frankenstein," has died. He was 83.

Wilder's nephew said Monday that the actor and writer died late Sunday at his home in Stamford, Connecticut, from complications from Alzheimer's disease.

Jordan Walker-Pearlman said in a statement that Wilder was diagnosed with the disease three years ago, but kept the condition private so as not to disappoint fans.

The new 30-mile expressway under construction in Cobb County will cost $800 million.

And commuters will be chipping in.    

People who drive on the Northwest Corridor can expect to pay a flat fee of 50 cents to use the Northwest Corridor.

That's the 30-mile reversible toll expressway on I-75 and I-575.

State officials say the cost could rise to 35 cents per mile during heavy traffic times.

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The famous human ancestor known as Lucy walked the Earth, but it was her tree climbing that might have led to her demise, a new study suggests.

An analysis of her partial skeleton reveals breaks in her right arm, left shoulder, right ankle and left knee — injuries that researchers say resulted from falling from a high perch such as a tree.

Lucy likely died quickly, said John Kappelman, an anthropologist at the University of Texas at Austin, who published the findings Monday in the journal Nature.

"I don't think she suffered," Kappelman said.

How To Be Frugal During And After High School

Aug 29, 2016
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Everyone knows college is expensive. You might not know that the years before college can be, too. Luckily, there are ways to save before you’re truly inaugurated as a broke college student. If you’re living at your parents’ house before going to college, consider helping out by getting a job or taking up extra chores. A lot of parents consider high school graduation as your first step into adulthood, and with more freedom comes more responsibility.


The cost of filling up is going up.

Gas prices are on the rise across the nation, including metro Atlanta.

The average cost for a gallon here is $2.23, according to AAA.

That's a 9-cent hike from last week.

Atlanta Police Department Chief George Turner said General Electric can help him analyze data on turnover rates and help it investigate why officers are leaving the city of Atlanta.
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Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has asked General Electric to help the Atlanta Police Department improve its relationship with residents.

Starting salaries for Atlanta officers is between $34, 726 and $42,128. While it’s competitive with some neighboring cities, the department has recently been losing at least 100 officers a year, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.