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three page-turners

Of the dozens of books WABE's John Lorinc has read about the Beatles, this is his favorite.
Kate Sweeney / WABE

 WABE's John Lorinc loves The Beatles.

In this installment of Page-Turners, the Weekend Edition host tells us what makes the Fab Four's story so amazing, what it was like for him to hear the group for the very first time — as a little kid, riding in his dad's car one day in Pittsburgh — and why, among all the books ever written about the band, Bob Spitz's "The Beatles: The Biography" tops his list of books to pick up on a lazy summer day.

Kate Sweeney / WABE

Actor, improv veteran and writer Bernard Clark is best known in Atlanta literary circles as a storyteller. He’s one of the hosts and co-founders of “Naked City,” a monthly reading event known both for its raw spontaneity and for the fact that, if you go, there’s more than a good chance you’ll get candy thrown at you.

Kate Sweeney recently spoke to Clark about three books he loves. She began, though, by asking him about what it’s like to tell stories for a living – since Clark has built a career narrating audiobooks.

Author Jessica Handler's Page-Turner picks reflect an enduring interest in history and understanding her past.
Kate Sweeney / WABE

Books about history and identity are the focus of author Jessica Handler’s Page-Turners picks.

It’s not such a surprise, considering the fact that Handler’s memoir, "Invisible Sisters," deals with her own search for her place in the world following the deaths of her two younger sisters. The book, which Atlanta Magazine named Best Memoir of 2009, comes out in paperback from University of Georgia Press this fall.

In this edition of Page-Turners, Handler about what happens when an upbeat person gets a reputation for writing about very serious subject matter.