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Out Front Theatre Company is only a year old, but it has already put education at the forefront. One initiative is its production of "Zanna, Don't!," which will feature high school and college-aged actors.

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WABE’s Lois Reitzes spoke with Jacob Demlow, Out Front’s assistant artistic director and head of education, about why the theater company wants to focus on teaching the next generation of theater makers.

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Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman brings evolution into everything he does.

In his first off-Broadway, rapping, one-man show, “The Rap Guide to the Canterbury Tales,” Brinkman illustrated parallel structures between Geoffrey Chaucer and hip-hop. “I was arguing about a convergent cultural evolution phenomenon, where similar economic and literary forces on the ground lead to a similar convergent art form being produced by divergent cultures,” he said.

The cast of The Weird Sisters Theater Project's "Hot Pink." (Left to right) Topher Payne, Gina Rickicki, Bryn Stripe, Casey Gardner, Parris Sarter, and Bobby Labartino
Weird Sisters Theater Project

High school can be difficult, and it only gets harder when you bring human sacrifice into the picture.

That is basically the premise of the Weird Sisters Theatre Project's latest play, "Hot Pink, or Ready to Blow."

The first test installation for Kennesaw State University's Ipomoea Project is meant to invoke grass in an inverted field.
Myke Johns

“Interactive theater” generally means performers mingling with the audience, breaking the fourth wall. But up at Kennesaw State University, the theater department is working on a different kind of interactivity.

They’re calling it the Ipomoea Project (pronounced "eye-po-mo-EE-ah"). 

Leica Wilde, Nick Arapoglou, Spencer Stephens, and Natalie Gray practice a dance number for “Avenue Q."
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Raunchy-themed, award-winning, singing puppet-populated Broadway hit “Avenue Q” returns to Horizon Theatre Company for a third time. 

"Avenue Q” is filled with puppet nudity, foul language and suggestive material not suitable for children or even teenagers. But, Horizon Theatre Company is also running a limited number of PG-13 rated versions of the show. They did a run of these PG-13 versions at Piedmont Park last week.