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teen pregnancy

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A major review suggests a seven-year decline in the number of babies born in the U.S. may be over.

Preliminary figures show there were about 53,000 more babies born in 2014 than the year before and that nearly every racial and ethnic group saw an upswing.

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Dariel Fowler is a rising sophomore at South Cobb High School. She says she sees a lot of girls at her school who are pregnant. 

“They drop out of school, they can’t take care of their kids or they [get] abortions,” she says. 

But not her. In 2010, Dariel was one of the 200 at-risk youth chosen to participate in a five-year afterschool teenage pregnancy prevention program. The program has centers in Monticello, Barnesville and Atlanta. 

Courtesy of Sporty Girls Inc.

The Women’s Sports Foundation issued a report in 1998 called “Sport and Teen Pregnancy.” It was the first comprehensive study that tied athletic participation to a reduced risk of teen pregnancy.

Teen pregnancy can pose extra health risks to both the mother and baby and it can cause substantial social and economic costs for both the teen and her parents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

While sports is not the entire solution to combating teen pregnancy, research shows it can make a difference.