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11-Year-Old Boy Gets Lawn-Mowing Gig At White House

Sep 15, 2017
Jacquelyn Martin / Associated Press

An 11-year-old boy in khaki shorts and a red polo shirt got the lawn-mowing gig of a lifetime Friday when President Donald Trump put him to work in the Rose Garden.

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Frank Giaccio, who goes by the initials FX, was so focused on doing his job that he didn't even notice when Trump emerged from the White House to check out his work.

Cliff Owen / Associated Press

It was a stunning few days in politics: President Donald Trump drew fire from across the political spectrum when he said both sides were equally to blame for the deadly violence in Charlottesville; Georgia's political leaders faced calls for stronger statements about the president and hate groups; there were renewed questions about the future of Confederate monuments and memorials; and the two major state parties engaged in sometimes noisy internal debates among candidates for their nominations for governor.

Evan Vucci / Associated Press

President Donald Trump has launched a drive to get Congress to approve a major overhaul of the nation's laws on legal immigration.

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Georgia Republican Sen. David Perdue is a co-author of the legislation, along with Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton.  

Courtesy True Colors Theatre Company

The next time you're at an Atlanta museum, play or other cultural event, someone might hand you a postcard to send to your member of Congress.  The cards are part of a new campaign from Atlanta's largest arts institutions to advocate for arts funding.

Pixabay Images

As Thursday night turned into Friday morning, the U.S. Senate — by a vote of 51-49 — defeated the “skinny repeal” proposal pushed by Republican leaders as a measure to replace parts of the Affordable Care Act.  

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That left GOP leaders in a familiar position: starting over on a health care bill. 

On Morning Edition, Denis O’Hayer got some thoughts on the dynamics behind the vote — and what’s next— from political strategists Brian Robinson and Tharon Johnson.