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The day after a section of an Interstate 85 bridge in Atlanta collapsed, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority saw a 21 percent increase in ridership. Nearly a month later, the growth in new riders is slowing down.

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Since the collapse, MARTA has experienced an average increase of 11 percent more riders on its trains.

Smyrna Has New Rules To Regulate Braves Parking

Jan 19, 2017
Smyrna's City Council voted to amend city code for special event parking.
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The city of Smyrna is adding some new rules for property owners who want to lease out parking spaces. The city wants to ward off potential problems with parking near the new Braves stadium.

Business owners who want to rent out their land for Braves parking will have to register with the city, pave and stripe the property, and hire attendants to manage the parking lots.

But that doesn't mean you can rent out your front yard.

MARTA is eyeing several stations around the region for new ''transit oriented developments'' aimed at boosting ridership. The project at Brookhaven’s station has faced skepticism from some in the surrounding community.
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Don Green watches cars line up at a Brookhaven intersection just across the street from the Brookhaven/Oglethorpe University MARTA station.

The agency is eyeing 15 acres of parking spaces around that rail stop for one of its new “transit oriented developments” -- sometimes called TODs -- and Green is worried.

“It’s a traffic oriented disaster,” Green said. “It’s just going to be miserable at rush hour in the morning and the afternoon.”

A female rides down the Slide The City slide.
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Roads in downtown Decatur, Georgia, will be closed Saturday to make room for a 1,000-foot water slide.

The first of its kind in Decatur and metro Atlanta, the Slide The City event will involve more than 5,000 gallons of water and likely lots of traffic.

The Decatur Business Association wanted to do something different for its 30th anniversary. So Katie Abel, the city of Decatur's special events coordinator, proposed this water slide event.


"Peds, relax. Only 26 percent of Atlanta motorists text when they’re not talking on their phones. #factsIjustmadeup"

Ouch. So reads a Tweet from a visitor to our town using the handle “@Bob_Gunderson.”

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Atlanta has had a sometimes contentious relationship with its parking enforcement agency, PARKAtlanta.

When the private company took over enforcement in Atlanta six years ago, many drivers complained of aggressive ticketing. And at one point, an Atlanta City Council member called on the city to cancel the contract.

While the city eventually restructured its deal with the agency to address the complaints, today you’ll still see the occasional bumper sticker that reads, “Nobody Likes PARKAtlanta.”

Midtown Neighbors Association

The Midtown Neighbors Association is turning a deaf ear toward the plans for this year’s Music Midtown.  

Terry Bond says he gets a lot of letters that start with “I love Music Midtown, but my street becomes a parking lot.’”

Bond is president of the Midtown Neighbors Association.

Although the group is rejecting this year’s plan for Music Midtown, it won’t stop the concerts from taking place.   

Still, the group says it’s a headache for neighbors.

  Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says, if he’s re-elected, the city will likely take back parking enforcement from a private company, though residents would have to wait for the contract to expire.  

Reed said Monday the city would build up its parking enforcement capabilities in the lead up to PARKatlanta's expiration in 2016.

“We would pay whatever fees are associated with that transition and bring those services back in house so if folks had an issue they’d be talking to their government rather than a private firm,” Reed said.