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Nina Simone, one of the most extraordinary musical artists of the twentieth century, is having her story told now at Theatrical Outfit.

“Simply Simone,” which opens on March 23 and runs through April 15, is part biography, part music revue, and it takes a unique approach to telling the story of both her public and inner life.

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This weekend's concert offerings include gritty soul, New Orleans jazz, and indie rock both new and old. Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look at the calendar with Mara's Music Mix.

Jerry Leiber, right, and Mike Stoller have written hits like "Jailhouse Rock."
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Even if you don't know the names Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, you surely know their body of work. 

The songwriting duo is behind hits by Elvis Presley, Ben E. King, Johnny Cash, and other giants of R&B, country, and early rock and roll. The Bremen Museum and Theatrical Outfit are honoring their legacy in a show called "Baby That is Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Leiber/Stoller Era."

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Atlanta eats its young.

That might be a cold-blooded accusation to level at a town dripping with so much black cultural currency. But the hip-hop capital has gained more than it's ever contributed to its greatest export.


Sidney Lanier’s seminal poem was “The Song of the Chattahoochee.” So, perhaps he would have enjoyed the gesture of being the namesake for Lake Lanier, which dams part of the Chattahoochee.

Lanier was born in Macon, Ga. in 1842. He did not make it to 40, but left a profound impact on American poetry. And first and even foremost, he was a musician, composing songs and playing flute.

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This weekend is about comebacks, with some classic acts taking the stages of Atlanta's clubs and concert venues. Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look ahead with Mara's Music Mix.

Vincent Tseng

Longtime touring musician Nick DiSebatian is encouraging Atlanta audiences to grab their dobros, fiddles and banjos and head to the Vista Room in Oak Grove.

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There, he and his co-conspirators are hosting an eight-week concert series dedicated to bluegrass music called Bluegrass & Beyond.

“It’s a traditional American music,” said DiSebastian, who’s dedicated much of his musical career to bluegrass. “It’s a homegrown music, and there’s a huge standard repertoire within it.”

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George Michael died of natural causes as the result of heart disease and a fatty liver, a British coroner said Tuesday.

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Darren Salter, senior coroner for the county of Oxfordshire in southern England, said a post-mortem has found that the singer died of "dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver."


Jeremy Ayers

Cindy Wilson just wants you to have a good time.

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She is, famously, a founding member of The B-52s – the Athens, Georgia, band that formed in 1977 and has since become known as “the world’s greatest party band.”

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This weekend's concert calendar includes some big names, some big voices and big sounds.

Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look ahead with "Mara’s Music Mix."

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Big names from classic rock radio are hitting the city this weekend, including a man from down under and everyone's favorite Police.

Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look ahead at the concert calendar with "Mara's Music Mix."

Sophie Wright / Decca Classics

Diana Ross paid tribute to her friend Marvin Gaye with "Missing You." Michael Stipe and R.E.M. famously penned "Man on the Moon" about the late comedian Andy Kaufman.

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Artists and musicians have long paid tribute to their patrons and their loved ones, but perhaps the trickiest homage is from one composer to another.

Jim Herrington / Cool Rock Records

This weekend, Atlanta's playing host to a punk legend, political pop, and one of Elton John's favorite new bands.

Contributor Mara Davis sits down with host emeritus Steve Goss for the look ahead.

Jason Pellett / Orpheus Brewing

One of Atlanta’s contemporary music ensembles is inviting you out for a drink. Chamber Cartel is about to begin a six-concert series at Orpheus Brewing in Midtown. They’ll be performing works by Iannis Xenakis, John Luther Adams and other composers in a series they’re calling “Don’t Look Back: Beyond the Zero.” 

There may not be an obvious connection between contemporary classical music and craft beer, but as it turns out, both entities go way back.

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The weekend before Valentine's Day has classic rock tributes and Italian love songs and everything in-between.

Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look ahead at upcoming concerts.

Jeff Shipman

Valentine’s Day is next week and love songs are sure to be everywhere. But one group of Atlanta musicians is offering an alternative. The annual Bloody Valentines show is returning to the EARL and will be performing a mix of murder ballads, songs of obsession and love-gone-wrong.

The creators of the show, which has been happening annually since 2015, aim to go against the grain of typical Valentine's events.

"I've always wanted to do an evening of murder ballads," singer Aileen Loy, who will perform in the show, tells City Lights host Lois Reitzes.

Run the Jewels perform a Tiny Desk Concert on Jan. 12, 2017. (Claire Harbage/NPR)

Like any good pair of twins, Run the Jewels have a freaky sort of unspoken fraternity. When El-P and Killer Mike strode in with their usual uniforms — Mike in a gold chain as thick as a garter snake, El in a fitted Yankees cap and pair of blue-mirrored sunglasses — the two didn't have to do as much as nod to one another before upending three tracks from their latest LP, RTJ3, in strange and perfect symbiosis.

Joel Ryan / Invision/Associated Press

This week's concerts have everything from indie rock darlings to the man, the meme himself. Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look at the offerings in Atlanta's clubs and concert halls.

Courtesy of Gaelynn Lea

In about a month, we'll learn the winner of the third annual Tiny Desk Contest, the songwriting and performance contest from the creators of NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts.

Last year, the six judges received over 6,000 entries, listening for what host Bob Boilen identified as "something singular, a song and sound that felt original, and a performance that felt inspired." In the end, the judges’ decisions were unanimous: Gaelynn Lea of Duluth, Minnesota.

Laila Yasser

This week's concert offerings feature everything from Beyoncé’s brass section to an international cultural celebration of the Nile River. Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look ahead with Mara's Music Mix.

Barry Brecheisen / Invision/AP

Not every college course features "SpottieOttieDopaliscious" on its syllabus. But one class being taught now at Armstrong State University in Savannah does.

Dr. Regina Bradley, who is assistant professor of English there, is teaching a course on Atlanta rap group Outkast. Since word of the course has spread, it has caught the attention of a number of media outlets, including The Root, Ebony Magazine and Entertainment Weekly.

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This weekend's concert calendar features a homecoming for a jewel-running rap duo and one of the Eagles at the Fox.

Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look at what's happening in Atlanta's clubs and concert halls with "Mara's Music Mix."

Courtesy of Matisyahu

When your art is rooted in your religious faith, how does your work evolve along with your beliefs?

Matthew Paul Miller could tell you.

The hip-hop and reggae singer is better known by his Hebrew name: Matisyahu.

He emerged in the mid-2000s, clad in a long beard and traditional garments, weaving themes of Orthodox Judaism into his lyrics.

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Aging punk rockers and frontmen gone solo are on the bill this weekend and contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look at what's going on in Atlanta's music venues with "Mara's Music Mix."

Marco Borggreve

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra welcomes pianist Kirill Gerstein into their hall this week. And among his many accomplishments, Gerstein had a rare opportunity in 2015. He was the first to record the rediscovered edition of Tchaikovsky's first piano concerto, which Tchaikovsky released in 1879 but had been lost.

After Tchaikovsky passed away, an editor made some “significant changes,” in Gerstein’s words, to the score. That resulted in a posthumous edition published in 1894, which became the most well-known version.

Courtesy Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine is growing in a multitude of directions. In December, the New York and Decatur-based company announced two important developments: a substantial expansion of coverage with seven new sections, including theater, science and wrestling; and a return to print with Paste Quarterly.

Paste Quarterly will be a large format, 12" by 12" magazine, packaged with a music sampler which will be pressed on a vinyl record. 

Matthew Paul Miller aka Matisyahu performs onstage at Park City Live Day 1 on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014 in Park City, Utah.
Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Invision for Park City Live/AP Images

This weekend, the metro Atlanta area is playing host to a country storyteller, an Orthodox Jewish reggae artist, and much more. Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look ahead at Atlanta's concert offerings with "Mara's Music Mix."

Amy Ray (L) and Emily Saliers and the Indigo Girls perform at Magnolia Fest at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak Florida on Saturday. October 18, 2014.
Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP

How will you begin 2017? Contributor Mara Davis suggests opening with a song. Mara and host emeritus Steve Goss have a concert calendar for all your New Year's weekend plans. It's "Mara's Music Mix."

Katie Darby / Invision/AP

This holiday weekend, Atlanta is playing host to tribute acts, homegrown hip hop and much more. Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look at upcoming Atlanta concerts with Mara's Music Mix.

David Goldman / Associated Press

This weekend, Atlanta has concerts for those getting into the holiday spirit and for those who are not. Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look at upcoming shows.