Jeff Rader

A proposal to build a soccer stadium in DeKalb County was approved by a majority of commissioners last month, but it faced fierce opposition at a meeting Monday night.

DeKalb Commissioners Nancy Jester, Kathie Gannon and Jeff Rader hosted what they called a “community conversation” about DeKalb County's stadium deal with the new professional soccer team Atlanta United FC. All three voted against the plan, but were outnumbered by the other four commissioners.

About 70 residents attended the meeting. Some were upset the deal was approved without public input.

Dekalb County Interim CEO Lee May and Mike Bowers at the podium
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DeKalb’s Interim CEO has called for a full investigation of possible corruption in the executive branch of the county government.

But what about the legislative branch – the DeKalb County Commission?

Interim CEO Lee May says he wants to restore the public’s trust in DeKalb County, but he can’t ask for an investigation of the County Commission.

Commissioner Nancy Jester says she wants to help and welcomes a probe and an audit of the commission. 

DeKalb County Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton
DeKalb County Government

DeKalb County has released an independent audit of County Commission spending for the last ten years.

The audit includes on use of county purchasing cards. The so-called “P-cards,” which function like debit cards, are used by elected officials and some staff members to pay for work-related expenses. The P-cards have been the focus of ethics complaints against several commissioners.  

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DeKalb County’s Police Chief has just been promoted to an administrative job overseeing not only police but all public safety functions.

At least in the eyes of one county commissioner, an indication of Cedric Alexander’s performance in his new post will be how much money he can save.

In announcing Alexander’s promotion Thursday to Deputy Chief Operating Officer in charge of Public Safety, interim Chief Executive Officer Lee May said, “What we have here today is a unified front with the Board of Commissioners and the Office of the CEO in lockstep on this.”

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A DeKalb County Commissioner is skeptical of a proposal from Interim CEO Lee May to hire 480 new police officers and 300 new fire fighters over the next three years.   

DeKalb County Commissioner Jeff Rader says he’s not opposed to hiring hundreds of new police officers and firefighters, but he says he needs to see evidence that doing so is worth the price.

“I want to see something besides more police on the street. I’d like to see some tangible benefit to the public before spending a lot of money on something,” Rader says.

DeKalb Commission to Make Tough Budget Decisions

Jan 22, 2013

DeKalb County Commissioners will face tough choices as they begin weighing how to balance the 2013 budget Tuesday. 

As a result of declining property tax revenue and the incorporation of the city of Brookhaven, commissioners will have to consider spending cuts or a potential property tax rate increase proposed by DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis. The 1.9 percent millage rate increase would cost almost $49 more per year for owners of a $200,000 home. But Commissioner Jeff Rader is hoping to avoid that increase.

Courtesy: CrossRoads News

A tax increase is part of DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis’s 2013 budget plan as is the addition of 25 more police officers.    

But at least one commissioner says DeKalb needs fewer—not more—police. 

Commissioner Jeff Rader says unincorporated DeKalb County is a lot smaller than it used to be, especially since Brookhaven is now its own city.

“We need to downsize the organizations that provide those services so that we can start to realize some savings,” Rader says.