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Martha Dalton / WABE

A new survey finds that many Georgia school systems fear that the proposed Medicaid cuts in Congress would hurt their special education programs – and the children they serve.

Most school districts responding to the survey say they receive thousands of dollars in Medicaid funding to help offset the costs of their special education programs.

A Marker Between Lifetimes: Six Days Of Inpatient Care

14 hours ago
Leena A / courtesy of Vox Atlanta

It wasn’t as bad as some movies make it seem. I wasn’t kept up at night by the screams of people being tormented by hallucinations. The staff fed us. We were not treated as subhuman, and yet it was not the glorified experience I read about, either.

I didn’t make friends who colored the lens with which I view the world; in fact, most of the people I met I will never speak to again. I didn’t talk to a therapist who made me want to live again, and yet, when I left, I did want to live again.

Carolyn Kaster / Associated Press

Bogie lighting Bacall’s cigarette is an enduring image from the 1944 movie “To Have and Have Not.”

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But especially since the 1960s, films showing constant cigarette smoking have largely vanished. The pervasive haze of smoke of the Humphrey Bogart era is a thing of the cinematic past.

Body Positivity: Embrace Your Curves And Rolls

Jul 17, 2017
courtesy of vox atlanta

Would he think I’m beautiful if I looked like her?

Growing up, I was constantly looking for answers about beauty through other people.

It began in fifth grade when I realized that my crush wasn’t interested in a 5’5”, 125-pound, fair-skinned, brown-eyed girl. I wasn’t “Dawson Beautiful,” he said, referring to the fact that I wasn’t 5’2″, 90 pound, sun-kissed or a green-eyed girl like my classmate.

John Sonntag / NASA via AP

A vast iceberg with twice the volume of Lake Erie has broken off from a key floating ice shelf in Antarctica, scientists said Wednesday.

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The iceberg broke off from the Larsen C ice shelf, scientists at the University of Swansea in Britain said. The iceberg is described as weighing 1 trillion tons (1.12 trillion U.S. tons).

The process, known as calving, occurred in the last few days, when a 5,800-square-kilometer (2,240-square-mile) section broke away.