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It’s rainy on Georgia Tech's campus the day Rob Montgomery finishes his last final exam. He’s 22 and headed into his fifth year for mechanical engineering.

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“I only recently acquired the license though, and I only also recently got my first pistol,” he says.

Montgomery also owns a shotgun and an AR-15 he bought himself. He says he’s looking forward to carrying concealed more regularly.

UCB is the first big pharmaceutical company in the technology hub near Georgia Tech, but it's the 15th innovation center in Tech Square.
Courtesy of the Atlanta Business Chronicle

Tuition at Georgia’s public colleges and universities will increase 2 percent next fall. The university system of Georgia estimates full time, undergraduate students who live in-state will pay an extra $27 to $98 a semester. But some students say even a small price hike could hurt.

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Ishbir Singh and Maithili Appalwar talked about Singh's experience studying abroad in the StoryCorps Atlanta booth.
StoryCorps Atlanta

This past summer, Ishbir Singh, an international student from India, returned from a 5-month study-abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is now back at Georgia Tech working on his degree in Computer Engineering.

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When he met up with his close friend and fellow Yellow Jacket, Maithili Appalwar, he told her a little bit about how he grew as a person as a result of his experience, especially after he set a personal challenge for himself.

Northbound traffic on I75-I85 headed Downtown
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Georgia Tech researchers have found it's not just car emissions sending people to emergency rooms in Atlanta, but all that dust coming off brakepads and tires.

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Last year, researchers suspended monitors near I-75 in Atlanta to measure air pollution including the acidity in the air.

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Tuesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

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PATH Foundation

Tuesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

A crowd of more than 600 listened to speakers at the Georgia Tech Campanile Thursday who spoke out against President Trump's recent ban on immigration from seven countries.
Al Such / WABE

Hundreds of protesters gathered at the Georgia Tech Campanile Thursday to demonstrate against a recent immigration freeze set in place by President Donald Trump.

Trump's executive order, signed Friday, stopped people from seven Muslim-majority nations from being admitted to the U.S. and suspended refugee resettlement. Protests broke out across the U.S. Saturday. On Thursday, several speakers took the stand at the Campanile to discuss the impact the ban had on the Georgia Tech community.

Georgia Tech computer science professor Ashok Goel had extra help in his Knowledge Based Artifical Intelligence class: an artificial intelligence teaching assistant named Jill Watson.
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Science fiction often presents artificial intelligence as funny-looking robots or machines like HAL from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

At Georgia Tech, one professor tested this out with his students using artificial intelligence or AI as his teaching assistants. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is already in use in the form of self-driving cars and as part of many advanced web programs, including Google searches.

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Applications opened Thursday for a new online master’s degree program at Georgia Tech. The university is hoping to repeat the success of its first online master's program in computer science, launched in 2014.

A recent Harvard study said that program alone will likely increase the number of Americans earning computer science degrees by seven percent.

Georgia Tech Looks To Expand In West Midtown

Jan 6, 2017
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Georgia Tech wants to expand its campus into the West Midtown area of Atlanta. According to this week’s Atlanta Business Chronicle, Georgia Tech has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for the land at 14th Street and Howell Mill Road.

It’s looking for developers for an 11.5-acre site where hundreds of apartments, retail and office space, and a hotel could rise.

Closer Look: Afrithmetic; Ga. Sierra Club; And More

Jan 4, 2017
Michole Washington, a recent Georgia Tech grad, talks about being just the ninth African-American woman to graduate the school with a bachelor’s degree in math on Wednesday's ''Closer Look.''
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Wednesday on "Closer look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

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Tony Dejak / Associated Press

Georgia Tech and Spelman College have joined an effort to get more low-income students into higher education. They're part of the American Talent Initiative, a group of 30 institutions focusing on diversifying access to college.

The rising cost of tuition puts college out of reach for many poor and middle-income students.  

Students in Amy Wozniak's computer science class in Chicago use EarSketch to learn the programming language Python. EarSketch was created by two Georgia Tech professors.
Courtesy of Amy Wozniak

The White House recognized Georgia Tech last Monday for a coding program that uses music to teach code. It was recognized as part of its national initiatives for Computer Science Education Week.

EarSketch is a free online tool that uses music to teach the programming languages of Python and JavaScript.

Emory student Naman Gupta using the Yik Yak app on Emory University's campus in Atlanta. Students protested hate speech on the app and called on the University to block the app on its campus.
Tasnim Shamma / WABE

The Atlanta-based technology start-up Yik Yak laid off more than half of its staff last week.

The social media mobile app was big on college campuses when it launched in 2013, but recently it’s seen slow growth and faced backlash from users protesting hate speech and bullying.

Yik Yak, which is like an anonymous version of Twitter, is used on more than 2,000 college campuses.

Men line up for a meal at Atlanta Mission. The organization's president says poverty is much more complex than ''the number of people we see on the street.''
Rachel Solid / Atlanta Mission

In the United States, poverty is measured by income level. If you’re a family of four making more than $24,000 a year, you’re over the poverty line. Less than that, and you’re under it.

But a study from Georgia Tech says looking at income alone is not enough.

For example, maybe your income is technically over the poverty line, but you can’t afford health insurance. Or your rent or mortgage takes a major hit each month. Or you have a disability. 

The University of Georgia arch in Athens, Georgia on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. (Photo/Brenna Beech)
Brenna Beech / WABE

The University of Georgia will soon receive $30 million from the Woodruff Foundation. The school says some of that money will go toward scholarships for students who are struggling to cover the full cost of attendance. 95 percent of UGA students receive some form of financial aid, but it’s not always enough to cover the total cost.

StoryCorps Atlanta

Nov. 14 through 18 is International Education Week, a joint initiative of the U.S. State Department and the US Department of Education.

To celebrate that week, here is the story of 23-year-old Alex Berry and 21-year-old Ai "Anna" He who are both studying Industrial Engineering at Georgia Tech. Berry is from Albany, Georgia and He is from the Sichuan province of China. While they did have some classes together, they didn't really get to know each other until they arrived in Singapore as part of the Singapore-Beijing Program.

Atlanta Helps Steer Development Of Driverless Cars

Nov 4, 2016
In this Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016, file photo, Uber employees test a self-driving Ford Fusion hybrid car, in Pittsburgh.
AP Photo/Jared Wickerham, File

With its traffic woes, research universities and corporate offices, metro Atlanta seems uniquely positioned to steer the development of driverless vehicle innovation, according to this week’s Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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Hundreds of programmers descended on Atlanta last weekend for the Southern Interactive Entertainment and Games Expo. Gaming is a $23 billion industry where women are still in the minority, even though they make up half of the nation's video gamers.

The Dear Games project is hoping to move the needle on this.

Exhibit A?

Closer Look: Environmental Justice; FAFSA; And More

Oct 3, 2016
credit Georgia Tech’s Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain

Monday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

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In general, buildings are not good for the environment. Some do less harm than others, but now, Georgia Tech wants to build a $25 million structure that actually does good. It’s called a “Living Building.”

On the campus of Georgia Tech, there’s this huge oak.

“It’s a signature tree on our campus,” says Georgia Tech’s Director of Capital Planning Howard Wertheimer, “and we want to preserve it. So how they site the building will be respectful of this tree.”

This is the space that will house Tech’s 42,000 square-foot Living Building.

Courtesy of Sketchworks Comedy

Friday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

The Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee project studies how bees are able to live in cities.
Dan Raby / WABE

Three Georgia Tech professors accepted a Golden Goose Award at the Library of Congress last Thursday. It's awarded to federally-funded research that seems silly but has a significant impact.

In 1988, Georgia Tech professors began research on how bees collect nectar as a colony by tracking 4,000 honeybees.

Taz Anderson, former Georgia Tech football player and Atlanta real estate giant, died Sept. 26 at 77 years old, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Anderson was born in Savannah on Nov. 15, 1938. He went on to play fullback at Georgia Tech, being named All-SEC in 1959.

Anderson suited up for 62 games in the National Football League, including a stint with the first Falcons team in 1966.

Atlanta Emerges As An Intellectual Property Leader

Sep 26, 2016

Metro Atlanta is emerging as a leader in intellectual property according to this week’s Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Intellectual property, also known as “IP,” includes technology but is more than just technology. It includes a series of four protections for any new idea, innovation or knowledge. There are patents, trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks.

UCB is the first big pharmaceutical company in the technology hub near Georgia Tech, but it's the 15th innovation center in Tech Square.
Courtesy of the Atlanta Business Chronicle

Smyrna-based pharmaceutical company UCB opened an innovation center in Tech Square on Tuesday.

UCB is the first big pharmaceutical company in the technology hub near Georgia Tech, but it's the 15th innovation center here.

It joins AT&T, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Delta, Anthem and other big corporations who have established “corporate innovation centers" in Midtown Atlanta.   


Manuel Balce Ceneta / Associated Press

From Home Depot to the Secretary of State’s office to Grady Hospital, the Atlanta area has had its share of data breaches.

Boarded-up houses and kudzo covered houses are a common sight in the English Ave and Vine City communities
Alison Guillory / WABE

 A new research paper is sounding the alarm over rising rents on Atlanta’s west side, where the BeltLine is slated for paving.

Dan Immergluck, professor of City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech, wrote the paper. Its bottom line: Affordable housing on Atlanta’s west side should be established now, before land values and property taxes rise any higher.