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Closer Look: Gladys Knight; 'Crossover Day'; And More

Mar 3, 2017
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Friday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

City Lights: Halloween Thrills; Fashion; And More

Oct 31, 2016
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Monday on "City Frights with Lois Reitzes":

courtesy Elisabeth Koch

Though “The Milliner of Beijing” may sound like the title of a Rossini opera, it’s actually the nickname given to Atlanta native Elisabeth Koch.

As mainland China’s only milliner, or hat-maker, Koch has steadily carved out a couture fashion niche, crafting hats for Chinese blockbuster movie stars and models on the cover of Vogue magazine.

In an interview for “City Lights” with Lois Reitzes, Koch credits her craftiness to her Dutch/Welsh parents: “I come from a very creative family … If you didn’t have it, make it.”

Payson Schwin and Kristin Nabors with 2-year-old Matilda. Nabors writes, "I want to be sure my kids feel like they can like whatever they like, rather than being tracked into traditionally 'girl' and 'boy' interests."
Kristin Nabors

What color do you associate with baby girls? Okay, now how about boys?  

If you answered “pink” and “blue,” well … not so fast. There’s a new trend for babies and little kids, and it’s all about gender-neutral clothing. 

Genevieve Leavitt wheels a shopping cart loaded with groceries out of Trader Joes on a busy Tuesday morning. She’s sneaking in a few errands before picking up her two-year-old at daycare.

Haptic Mirror Therapy Glove at Georgia Tech
Tasnim Shamma / WABE

Fashion designers, researchers and business executives are gathering at Georgia Tech this weekend to learn about the latest in wearable technology. 

This year’s focus was on making the tech look stylish.

Event organizer James Hallam spent six months trying to gather Atlanta’s fashion designers and programmers together.

“It opens up new ways for fashion designers to actually offer new products," Hallam says. "Sometimes you can put simple lights on them, but there’s also products out there showing whole video displays. That really changes what a dress is.”

Seersucker is one of the South's unique fabric choices.
Kent Wang /

This weekend you might be tempted to pull out your special striped blazer, but wait just a minute before you do. Apparently, there's a general rule that you're not supposed to wear seersucker – the puckered cotton suits – before the Easter holiday. 

"The conventional thinking is, yes, Easter Sunday would be the first acceptable time to don your white linen and/or seersucker, and it should not be done before then," said Ashton Greene, a salesman at H. Stockon, a traditional clothing store in the Atlanta area. 

Atlanta is not lacking for people who are trying to make a statement with their clothes, whether they’re dressing up to impress or dressing out to express their personalities. And one man has made it his mission to document this—his name is Cameron Adams and he runs a photo blog called Atlanta Street Fashion.

We took a walk with Adams around the Fairlie-Poplar district downtown to spot some of our more well-dressed citizens.


Daniel Troppy has dedicated his life to salvaging vintage clothing and furniture, dusting it off, and making it new again. WABE’s Kate Sweeney dropped in on his boutique in Atlanta’s Fourth Ward to discuss going green by going vintage.  

He welcomed her, how else?, with music on a vintage record player.

Daniel Troppy writes a blog at, and runs Double Take consignment shop. 

In 2010, the United States produced more than 13 million tons of textile waste, according to the U.S. EPA.