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The way Kennesaw's city ordinance concerning purchasing is currently written City Councilman Jim Sebastian said he could legally get permission to use his city-issued credit card to buy a Mercedes.

"I could tell them I want 10 $3,000 charges to buy my vehicle,” Sebastian said. “And why do I need this vehicle? Because I have to visit a constituent to take them out to lunch."

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Ten years, 30 code-enforcement citations and $400,000 in federal money.

That’s what it’s taking to address blight at the Brannon Hill Condominiums near Clarkston.

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Thursday morning, DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond kicks off the demolition of two of the complex's abandoned buildings.

The Brannon Hill Condominiums have highlighted the challenges local governments can face in tackling eyesore properties.

DeKalb County Won't Raise Millage Rates This Year

Jul 11, 2017
For Sale Sign in front of a Marietta home
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Unlike many metro Atlanta counties, DeKalb County commissioners voted not to raise the millage rate this year – which means if your property taxes are higher, it's through a different municipal body.

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The county has seven different tax bases, but the state looks only at the county's general and hospital fund for an average millage rate.

DeKalb County To Start Recycling Glass Again

Jul 6, 2017

Starting July 17, DeKalb County is opening 16 stations where you can drop off glass to be recycled.

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For more than a year now, unless DeKalb residents have taken recyclable glass to one of four sites, any glass that's gone in a curbside bin has gone to the landfill.

Water bills are different from other utility bills because they act as a lien on property.
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It's a seller's market right now for residential real estate in metro Atlanta. But some DeKalb County homeowners face an extra hurdle if they put their houses up for sale.

For almost two years DeKalb County has been in a water billing crisis. Some residents have gotten water bills in the thousands of dollars while others haven't gotten a water bill in the past several months.

Peggy Hibbert, a DeKalb real estate agent, said unpaid water bills effectively put a lien on homes, which means there can't be a transfer of ownership.