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People living near a midtown Atlanta park near the heart of the city say they're concerned about a coyote that has taken up residence.

WSB-TV reports that the coyote was seen Monday in Piedmont Park near 10th Street, and seemed unfazed by dogs barking and people coming near it. The station captured video of the coyote walking around. Jeff Porubsky tells the station that he has dogs and children, and coyotes could pose a danger to them.

John Kilgo / USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station

White-tailed deer fawns, by their youth and size, are an easy target for most coyotes.

Researchers in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina hope to figure out how to protect the fawn, to some extent, by studying coyote behavior.

“We would potentially try to see if we could make alterations to the environment to change how coyotes are behaving thereby influencing the probability that they will prey on fawns,” says Dr. Michael Chamberlain, a professor of Wildlife Ecology at the University of Georgia.

A coyote tagged by Chris Mowry in a north Georgia study. In recent years, more Atlantans have spotted these creatures in our own backyards.
Chris Mowry / Berry College

  They’re creatures many of us associate with the American West—and yet a number of people in Atlanta  have their own stories of encounters with coyotes.

Now a new survey out hopes to make scientific sense of those stories. More about that here.

Here’s piece we first aired in 2010, about residents in one Atlanta neighborhood grappling with the wildlife in its midst.

Chris Mowry in north Georgia, with equipment that senses collared coyotes. He hopes the next step of the Atlanta coyote study might involve measures like this.
Kate Sweeney / WABE

They’re larger than foxes and travel in ones and twos. And if you live in one of Atlanta’s wooded neighborhoods, then it’s possible that you’ve spotted a coyote near your house, or heard its wild call… which sounds something like this.

Now a new survey by Berry College wants to know about your coyote encounters, Atlanta.