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The book “Teach Your Kids To Code” by Bryson Payne
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A University of North Georgia associate professor is urging parents to teach their children computer coding.

Bryson Payne is the chair of the computer science department and he’s written a new book titled “Teach Your Kids To Code.”

“Coding is just programming a computer, making it do something you want it to do – whether you’re playing with a mobile app for the first time, building a self-driving car, 3-D printing, bots, drones. Anything you can think of in the news today pretty much has software behind it,” Payne said during an interview on “A Closer Look.”

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Reading, writing, and arithmetic are still taught in schools these days. But if Gov. Nathan Deal has his way, Georgia schools could change the way they approach arithmetic.

Speaking at Georgia Tech’s Ferst Center Monday, Gov. Deal said Georgia has jobs to fill.

“We must continue to meet the workforce needs if we want to further attract businesses and to maintain jobs we currently have,” he said.

The governor said businesses need computer programmers and software developers, and they’re not finding qualified candidates in Georgia. So, he wants schools to help.

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We're not living like the Jetsons, but we've come a long way from the Flintstones.

And the latest leap in technology comes in part from a link between Google Glass and Georgia.

In 2010, Dr. Thad Starner, a computer professor at Georgia Tech, sent an email to Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

He wanted to touch base about his research on wearable computers.