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Charles Sykes / AP Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Undetectable equals untransmittable. It's a short phrase that HIV researchers and prevention experts believe represents one of the biggest steps we've ever seen toward eradicating HIV.

The scientific consensus behind “U=U” means people living with HIV who respond to antiretroviral medication and achieve an "undetectable" status do not sexually transmit the virus.*  

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Tuesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

StoryCorps Atlanta

For tens-of-thousands of people, Labor Day weekend in Atlanta means one thing and one thing only: Dragon Con!

It’s not your average holiday weekend consisting of backyard barbecues, but rather a four-day sci-fi, fantasy, pop culture and gaming convention hosted in a handful of downtown hotels.

Among the eager annual participants is the Craven family – parents Aaron and Stephanie and 9-year-old son, Jackson.

In this "Medical Minute" segment, WABE senior reporter Jim Burress and medical analyst Dr. Ford Vox discuss the most common cause of knee injury in middle aged folks: meniscus tears. The typical surgical response, an arthroscopic partial meniscectomy, doesn’t appear to be any better than a regular exercise program for most people.


StoryCorps Atlanta

He was a minister, an activist and an educator; he presided over both Morehouse College and the Atlanta Board of Education. His name was Benjamin E. Mays, and Aug. 1 would have been his 122nd birthday. 

He passed away in 1984 at the age of 89, but his legacy is all around us and lives on in the stories of those who knew him ─ including Cathy Loving, his assistant from 1980 until his death. At the Atlanta StoryBooth, she tells friend Elisa Woods some lighter memories about this historically distinguished man, beginning with an unexpected joke on her first day on the job.

This Oct. 14, 2015, file photo, shows the Food & Drug Administration campus in Silver Spring, Md.
Andrew Harnik, File / Associated Press

On Thursday, WABE contributor Dr. Ford Vox and "Closer Look" host Jim Burress talked about how the European Union’s system for reviewing medical devices isn’t as rigorous as what the FDA here puts companies through. But a system Europeans might want to question nonetheless may benefit Americans who drink from the cup second.

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Courtesy of The PATH Foundation

Since the PATH Foundation was established in 1991, more than 235 miles of multi-use trails have been developed in metro Atlanta. And PATH is showing no signs of slowing down.

It recently launched a $15.8 million campaign so it can build another 37 miles of trails. PATH has received two major gifts - $6 million from the James M. Cox Foundation and $4 million from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation.

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WABE FM has its first broadcast in September 1948, according to historical documents.

At that time, it wasn't the kind of programming that WABE listeners have come to know today. Instead of the latest in local, national and international news, there were stories about reading and arithmetic. That's because when the station first began it was used by the Atlanta Board of Education to help teachers with classroom instruction.

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Thursday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

Al Such / Public Broadcasting Atlanta

The name Brannon Hill Condominiums has a nice ring to it -- a name that might suggest pristine landscaping, a grilling area and maybe a playground for kids.

In fact, the development east of Interstate-285 in DeKalb County just off Memorial Drive has a play area, but it’s overgrown with weeds. 

Parts of Brannon Hill look like a landfill -- the final resting place for broken toilets, tattered sofas, busted TVs and soiled mattresses.

Parts look like the complex has just caught fire, but the bulldozers have yet to arrive to tear down the charred building's remains.

Al Such / WABE

Monday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

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Thursday on "City Lights with Lois Reitzes":

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Tuesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

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Thursday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

Courtesy of Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech has just selected the architectural team of Lord Aeck Sargent and the Miller Hull Partnership to design what is expected to be the most environmentally-friendly building in the Southeast.

Imagine a building that produces more energy and water than it uses.

That is the challenge that Georgia Tech and architects face as they design a “net positive” building.

Originally the challenge required that buildings reach a net zero of water and energy used. But the Living Building Challenge 3.0 requires a building to have a net positive impact on the environment.

In the early 1960s, the Atlanta Student Movement bubbled up from the historically black colleges on the west side of downtown.

They wanted to be able to eat at restaurants, shop at department stores and not live as second-class citizens.

But their efforts were not being covered by the traditional media. Even the existing black press ignored them – fearing they were too radical and disruptive to the status quo.

That’s how the Atlanta Inquirer was born. Several black leaders – including businessmen Herman Russell and Jesse Hill – put their support behind the upstart.

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Wednesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

Eboni Lemon / WABE

Tuesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

Mike Stewart / Associated Press


What does Atlanta want to look like when it grows up? That's a question city planners are faced with.

They’ve launched the “Atlanta City Design Project,” which aims to be pro-active about how we handle future growth and development. For decades, we’ve been reacting to proposals from developers and market forces rather than setting our own course.

Atlanta planning commissioner Tim Keane recently hired Ryan Gravel -- the visionary who brought us the Atlanta BeltLine -- to manage the Atlanta Design Project.

A national labor union representing half of the nation's 100,000 flight attendants has come out in support of a federal bill aimed at ending human trafficking. 

Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants -- CWA, tells WABE's "Closer Look" the federal Secure Our Skies Act could standardize training and make existing aviation systems available to combat the sex slave trade. 

Jim Burress / WABE

A complex, multi-year plan to modernize the nation's antiquated air traffic control system is progressing on schedule, according to federal officials. And nowhere is that more evident than here in Atlanta. 

"Atlanta has been in the forefront of deploying NextGen technology," FAA Deputy Administrator Mike Whitaker tells WABE's "Closer Look."  NextGen, an umbrella term for the modernization efforts, promises to make the nation's air space less congested and safer. 

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Thursday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress": 

April Williams

Lady Gaga meets The Beatles meets Adele. That describes Wrenn's eclectic sound. She's out with a new EP called "Apathy and Good Books."  

The up-and-coming Athens, Georgia, musician stopped by the "Closer Look" studio with guitarist Chris Padgett to talk about her musical influences, the origins of her stage name and the nickname she's given her fans:

Gertrude Pridgett “Ma” Rainey.
Unknown, via Wikimedia Commons

Friday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

Alison Guillory / WABE

This is part of WABE’s ongoing series “Finding Your Roots.”

“Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.” airs Wednesday at 6 p.m. on PBA30 TV with an encore Saturday at 7 p.m. Watch a preview of Season 3, and see the full schedule at

As I write this reflection regarding my response to DNA results, I’m reminded of the first time I saw the television mini-series, "Roots."  

Alison Guillory / WABE

This is part of WABE’s ongoing series “Finding Your Roots.”

“Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.” airs Wednesday at 6 p.m. on PBA30 TV with an encore Saturday at 7 p.m. Watch a preview of Season 3, and see the full schedule at

I had high hopes that, somewhere deep in my DNA, there was an untold story. A family secret. A trace of a mysterious, exotic past.


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The Georgia House votes on a bill Tuesday that would give the state control of the Fulton County Health Department board following a tuberculosis outbreak in Atlanta homeless shelters, and the failure to use tens of millions in federal grant dollars for HIV prevention and treatment.

Chandler Johnston / WABE

PARKatlanta's contract is up for renewal with the city of Atlanta later this year. The company has attracted a lot of negative attention, since no one likes a parking ticket, and some city officials have suggested they're ready to reconsider working with PARKatlanta.

Anderson Moore, vice president of the company that operates PARKatlanta, defended its performance on WABE’s Closer Look on Thursday.

Beyoncé, Coldplay singer Chris Martin and Bruno Mars perform during halftime of the NFL Super Bowl 50 football game Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016, in Santa Clara, Calif.
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Monday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

Citizens Trust has been a fixture on Auburn Avenue for decades, but it will soon call Peachtree Street home.

The bank was known for lending money to African-Americans who couldn’t borrow money from white-owned banks. 

And in the 1960s Auburn Avenue was called "the richest Negro street in the world."

That was when successful Atlanta builder Herman Russell became the bank’s largest shareholder and built a headquarters building at 75 Piedmont, giving the bank a piece of the skyline.