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chimps sanctuary georgia

Courtesy of Dr. Charles Menzel / Georgia State University

Professor Michael Beran puts on a lab coat to work with Sherman, one of Georgia State University’s three chimpanzees. The primates live in a jungle gym-like enclosure, which includes indoor and outdoor areas, at the university’s Language Research Center in south DeKalb County.

In the indoor section, Beran invites Sherman over and sets up a test using carrots and bananas; the sight of the latter makes the chimp grunt loudly. Beran covers up each food with a differently colored container and has Sherman pick which one he wants.

Stephannie Stokes / WABE

Sarah Baeckler-Davis shows off the 200 acres of green hills in North Georgia where she plans to house chimpanzees. She points out the clinic, a series of primate villas, and then she opens the door to the building with the kitchen.

“Back there is the chimp smoothie bar,” said Baeckler-Davis, gesturing toward a series of blenders sitting on a counter.