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Bojana Ginn

‘Infinite Body’ — New Steps And Old Trends For Bojana Ginn

Apr 24, 2017
Holyn Thigpen / courtesy of Vox Atlanta

Atlanta’s Whitespace Gallery recently premiered “Infinite Body,” the newest, breathtaking creation from Belgian artist Bojana Ginn.

In many ways, “Infinite Body” is not a far departure from Ginn’s past work. She has distinguished herself with unconventional combinations of architecture, technology and color — all of which are encompassed in the popping neons and bold structures of this installation.

Courtesy of Bojana Ginn

Being invited to show artwork at Venice's Biennale would be considered a career highlight by many, and two Atlanta-based artists are among those holding that honor.

The bi-annual contemporary visual art and architecture exhibition opened among the canals and plazas of the Italian city in late May. The work of William Carpenter, architect and founder of design firm Lightroom, and sculptor Bojana Ginn, titled "Presence," is currently on exhibit at the famed event.