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This weekend, Atlanta music is dominated by the city's flagship festival in Piedmont Park, but there is so much going on from the Star Bar to Symphony Hall.

Contributor Mara Davis and host emeritus Steve Goss unpack the weekend and beyond with "Mara's Music Mix."

Emory Chamber Society Celebrates 25 Years Of Music

Sep 14, 2017
RoAll / Pixabay

Music lovers in greater Atlanta and beyond are fortunate to have Will Ransom. Twenty-five years ago Ransom, a concert pianist and music professor at Emory University, found a way to bring chamber music to a wider part of the community through the Emory Chamber Music Society.

Ransom spoke with “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes about this year’s programming and about the history of the organization. 

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Alzheimer's Music Fest Unites Caregivers

Sep 12, 2017
Lou Raimondi

The Alzheimer's Music Fest turns 6 this year. And founder Vince Zangaro started it because Alzheimer's is a huge part of his life.

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“I’ve been a caregiver for 14 years,” he said in an interview with “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes. His dad was diagnosed with the disease at age 62 when Zangaro was just 29. Since then, Zangaro has had to completely readjust his life, which up to that point had fully revolved around songwriting and touring.

Ankita Ackroyd-Isales / WABE

From a pop soul artist to an electronic musician, "Closer Look’s" Summer Indie Music Series has something for everyone. All summer long, "Closer Look with Rose Scott" featured a variety of indie musicians on Friday afternoons.

If you missed any of the music featured this summer — or just want to listen to your favorites again — check out the playlist below.

Barry Brecheisen / Invision/AP

This weekend's concert calendar includes a festival of cutting edge hip hop and R&B and a by-now classic indie rock band. Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look ahead with Mara's Music Mix.