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The weekend before Stonecrest residents vote for their first mayor claims of dirty politics were being made.

On Saturday, a mailer that called Charles Hill mentally ill, bipolar and manic depressive was delivered in parts of DeKalb County.

It showed separate pictures of Hill and Anthony Hill, a veteran who was fatally shot two years ago by a DeKalb police officer who has since been indicted.

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A white, former police officer who fatally shot an unarmed, naked black man is scheduled to make a court appearance on Friday.

Former DeKalb police officer Robert Olsen was indicted earlier this year on a number of charges, including felony murder, aggravated assault and making false statements. 

Authorities said he shot and killed 27-year-old Anthony Hill in March 2015.

DeKalb County Police Department / Associated Press

A former DeKalb County police officer indicted for killing an unarmed black man is scheduled to appear in court Monday afternoon.

Robert Olsen faces two counts of felony murder and two counts of violating his oath of office, among others.

He'll be formally read the charges against him in an arraignment hearing in DeKalb County Superior Court. 

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Police say a white Atlanta-area police officer who shot a naked, mentally ill black veteran who was unarmed has resigned.

Maj. Stephen Fore with the DeKalb County Police Department says Officer Robert Olsen resigned from the department Monday. Olsen was indicted last week on charges of felony murder, aggravated assault, violating oath of office and making a false statement in the shooting death of Anthony Hill.

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When DeKalb County police officer Brian Olsen was indicted for murder by a grand jury last week, it was a rare event. He was charged with the March shooting death of Anthony Hill, a naked and unarmed veteran who -- according to his family-- was suffering a mental health crisis when neighbors called 911 for help.

Olsen’s indictment has been held up as a turning point by some activists who believe that, nationwide, police get off too easy in use of deadly force cases.

DeKalb County Sheriff's Office

DeKalb County police officer Robert Olsen surrendered to jail officials last night after a criminal grand jury indicted him on charges, including murder, for the shooting death of Anthony Hill.

Olsen was released on a $110,200 bond on Friday morning, according to the DeKalb County Sheriff's office.

“We were in the Grand Jury from about 9 in the morning 'til about 6:45 at night. It’s a grueling process to have to sit there and just watch the witnesses,” said Olsen’s lawyer, Don Samuel.

DeKalb County Police Department / Associated Press

An Atlanta area grand jury has indicted a police officer who fatally shot an unarmed naked man.

The indictment came Thursday after prosecutors presented their case against Officer Robert Olsen of the DeKalb County Police Department. The charges include felony murder.

Olsen shot Anthony Hill on March 9 while responding to a call of a man behaving erratically outside a suburban Atlanta apartment complex.

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As the temperature dropped Monday night, dozens of protesters were setting up camp outside the DeKalb County Courthouse. They hope to draw attention to the case of Anthony Hill, the veteran who was fatally shot by a DeKalb County police officer last year.

One of the groups behind the protest, Rise Up Georgia, says people will be sleeping outside the courthouse until Thursday -- when a grand jury will consider whether the officer, Robert Olsen, should face criminal charges.

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Thursday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

Anthony Hill's grandmother, Theola W. Baylor
Molly Samuel / WABE

WABE has confirmed that the DeKalb County police officer who killed an unarmed veteran last year will face criminal charges.

Officer Robert Olsen shot and killed Anthony Hill last March.

Olsen was responding to a call that Hill was wandering naked in the parking lot of the apartment complex where he lived.

Hill's family says he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and was bipolar.

Last month, a DeKalb County civil grand jury recommended further investigation into the case.

Looking Forward To 2016: Criminal Justice

Dec 29, 2015

As we look toward 2016, WABE’s news staff is gearing up to cover the stories expected to make headlines -- and airtime -- this year.

Reporter Elly Yu will continue her coverage of Georgia's death penalty.

"There are several inmates who have had their appeals exhausted," Yu says. "So it's likely the state will schedule more executions in the coming year."

Georgia executed five people in 2015.

Reporter Lisa Hagen says she will be keeping up with officer-involved shootings:

Attorney Christopher Chestnut, Hill's mother Carolyn Baylor Giummo, and Hill's uncle Pierre Baylor
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Two weeks after a civil grand jury recommended further investigation into the death of Anthony Hill, who was killed by a DeKalb County police officer in March, his parents are suing the officer, the police department, the county and others.   

Courtesy of the Hill Family

A grand jury has recommended that prosecutors further investigate the case of an Atlanta area police officer who fatally shot an unarmed naked man.

DeKalb County Police Officer Robert Olsen shot Anthony Hill on March 9 while responding to a call of a man behaving erratically outside a suburban Atlanta apartment complex. Hill was an U.S. Air Force veteran. His family believes he was having a bipolar episode. 

Lisa Hagen / WABE

The DeKalb police officer who shot and killed an unarmed, naked veteran in March gave his side of the story before a civil grand jury Thursday.

 After the hearing, Anthony Hill’s mother, Carolyn Giummo, said what she’d heard from Officer Brian Olsen was a lot of excuses about why he’d used deadly force against her son.

An empty hearse and protesters outside Oakhurst Baptist Church.
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As protests continued in Baltimore and other parts of the country over what some say is excessive use of police force, Atlanta protesters held back to back demonstrations this past weekend. 

A helicopter hovered overhead as more than 300 protesters took part in a mock funeral procession on Saturday. 

Their destination? Oakhurst Baptist Church in Decatur. Inside were family members of three men shot and killed recently by Atlanta-area police. 

Lisa Hagen / WABE

Protesters upset over the fatal police shooting of Anthony Hill marched in the streets of Decatur last night.

Hill was killed Monday by a DeKalb County Police officer responding to a call saying he was wandering naked near his home.

While waiting for the march to start, Marcus Coleman reminded his son to stop fidgeting with the bull horn they brought.

“Unfortunately, at 9 years old, he’s been to too many of these,” Coleman said.