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Alan Powell

Jason Getz / Associated Press

A Georgia House committee approved a measure Monday that would require the phrase “ineligible voter” printed on licenses issued to people who don’t have U.S. citizenship.  

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The bill originally required the term "noncitizen,” but the bill’s sponsor state Rep. Alan Powell, R-Hartwell, said he reconsidered after the legislation faced backlash.

Georgia Department of Driver Services

Georgia lawmakers are considering a bill that would require the label “noncitizen” to be printed on driver’s licenses issued to people without U.S. citizenship, including those with legal permanent residency.

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The Georgia Department of Driver Services currently prints the phrase “limited-term” on licenses for people who are not U.S. citizens, but who are in the country lawfully.

David Goldman / Associated Press

A member of Gov. Nathan Deal's new task force aimed at reviewing and recommending police reforms is getting some criticism for posting news of his appointment to Facebook along with the phrase "All Lives Matter."

State Rep. Alan Powell said he was surprised something he believes is “inconsequential” has drawn attention.

"All Lives Matter" has come to be a divisive statement. A play on “Black Lives Matter,” many activists associated with that movement see the phrase as a deliberate dismissal of oppression and violence they say non-white communities live with.

Lawmakers Consider New Regulations For Uber And Lyft

Dec 24, 2014

State lawmakers are considering new regulations on ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

Among the new rules under review are stricter background checks and insurance requirements for drivers and collecting sales tax on passenger fares.

Uber and Lyft use smartphone apps and GPS to connect passengers with their fleet of contracted drivers.

At a study committee meeting last week, Jeff Green of the National Limousine Association testified he had no problem with competition from Uber and Lyft. 

Ga. House Tries To Force Vote On Gun Bill

Mar 11, 2014

The state House is trying to force the hand of their Senate colleagues on sweeping gun legislation.

In a surprise move Tuesday, the House removed a provision that would have reduced the penalty for gun permit holders if caught carrying on a college campus. Then, it attached that bill to a separate piece of legislation and sent it to the Senate for an immediate floor vote.

Uber Bill Appears Dead, But Lawmaker Vows To Press On

Mar 4, 2014
Ga. House of Reps.

The sponsor of a bill seeking to regulate internet-based car services like Uber and Lyft says his legislation remains alive, despite it not receiving the required approval by Monday’s Crossover Day deadline.

Rep. Alan Powell, R-Hartwell, says House Bill 907 can still be tacked onto a Senate bill later in session.

A bill seeking to loosen gun carry rules in Georgia's bars, churches, and college campuses cleared a House committee Thursday.

After two days of packed hearings and emotional testimony, the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee voted in favor of House Bill 875. It would expand gun carry areas to bars, churches, and some government buildings.