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Lisa George / WABE

A bribery scandal involving contractors who did business with the city of Atlanta has led the city to change some of its laws.

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The Atlanta City Council agreed to a new ordinance Monday aimed at making emergency contracts more transparent.

Those are contracts where the city has to make a quick decision because there’s an event like a snowstorm.

The city of Atlanta is set to put a big chunk of money toward affordable housing.

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On Monday, the Atlanta City Council voted to approve $40 million for housing programs. The city will borrow the money from Wall Street through bonds.

Council member Andre Dickens said the goal is to help people stay in the city.

Senator Josh McKoon
Al Such / WABE

Two big pieces of legislation came before Senate education committees at the Capitol Monday. 

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The Senate Higher Education Committee heard a resolution that would change the way Regents, who oversee the university system, are chosen. Right now, the governor appoints all 19 members. State Sen. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus, wants them to be elected.

StoryCorps Atlanta

Last year when Yeo-Eun Lee was 9 years old, she brought her grandfather, Sook Kim, to the StoryCorps Atlanta booth. He was visiting from Korea at the time and the two of them talked about life, happiness and growing up as a Korean citizen in the United States.

This story was recorded in partnership with the Atlanta History Center, which hosts Atlanta's StoryCorps Booth

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CAIR via Facebook

The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Georgia) has called on leaders of Georgia’s mosques to improve their security measures.

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Last month, three mosques in and around metro Atlanta received identical emails from a self-described "Muslim slayer" threatening widespread attacks against Muslims in the area on March 15. Other mosques around the U.S. have received similar threats.

John Rempel, a quality control and training specialist at Georgia Tech's AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center, demonstrates how the screen-reading program JAWS communicates information from a webpage to a user who might not be able to see it.
Al Such / WABE

One in every eight Georgians – more than 12 percent – identifies as having a disability. Whether it’s a physical or learning disability, it can be difficult for those people trying to access the internet.

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John Bazemore / Associated Press



The race for Georgia's 6th Congressional District is attracting national attention. The Democratic front-runner for this historically Republican seat is making headlines for the funds he's been able to raise.

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Laura Roberts / Invision/Associated Press

This weekend's concert calendar includes some big names, some big voices and big sounds.

Contributor Mara Davis joins host emeritus Steve Goss for a look ahead with "Mara’s Music Mix."

John Bazemore / Associated Press

Atlanta United F.C. kicks off its first season of Major League Soccer on Sunday at Georgia Tech's Bobby Dodd Stadium, with a match against the New York Red Bulls.

In the past, Atlanta has had not one, but two, teams in America’s top soccer leagues. Both were called the Chiefs – the first Chiefs even won a title – but both fizzled out. So what makes us think the sport will take off this time around in Atlanta?

Donald Trump frequently boasts about starting a movement, and sociologists say they are seeing unprecedented grass-roots activism across the country. They credit Trump for inspiring people to become politically engaged on the right — and even more so on the left. And many of those activists are brand new to the scene.

Pedestrians enter the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Friday, April 24, 2009 in Atlanta.
AP Photo/Gregory Smith

Georgia banks were having a rough time, even five years after the recession. Hundreds locked their doors and never reopened as customers defaulted on their loans.

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But in 2016, FDIC-insured banks in Georgia made $3 billion dollars in profit, a nearly 5 percent increase from 2015.

A fan holds a scarf during a party at which Atlanta United FC was announced as the name of an MLS soccer expansion team, Tuesday, July 7, 2015, in Atlanta. The team is scheduled to begin to play in 2017 at the city's new retractable-roof stadium.
Branden Camp / AP Photo

Professional soccer is returning to Atlanta.

The city's new Major League Soccer team, Atlanta United FC, is kicking off its first season this weekend.

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Dan Courtemanche, executive vice president of communications for MLS, said the team has a good shot of bringing together Atlantans of all backgrounds.

That's partly because the league hasn't been around that long.

Al Such / WABE

The nation's new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, recently faced a storm of criticism, after she issued a statement, in which she hailed historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) as "real pioneers when it comes to school choice."

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Jonathan Shapiro / WABE

Georgia lawmakers approved a bill Wednesday that would change the way colleges handle crimes committed on campus, including sexual assault. Some opponents of the legislation said the language is unclear and confusing.

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Rep. Earl Ehrhart, R-Powder Springs, is the bill’s lead sponsor. He said the goal is to create a better process for reporting and investigating assaults.

Georgia Capitol Building
Al Such / WABE

A bill aimed at turning around struggling schools easily passed the Georgia House Wednesday.

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The measure is Gov. Nathan Deal’s second attempt to address the state’s lowest-performing schools. Georgians voted down a proposal that would have let the state take over struggling schools. Opponents of that plan said it would override the authority of local school boards.

On Puerto Rico's southwestern corner, the sleepy seaside town of Guanica is where, nearly 120 years ago, the U.S. relationship with the island began during the Spanish-American War. The town's museum director, Francisco Rodriguez, takes visitors to the town's waterfront where the invasion began. In Spanish he says, "This is Guanica Bay, where the American troops commanded by General Nelson Miles landed on July 25, 1898." At the site, a stone marker engraved by the 3rd Battalion of the U.S. Army commemorates the invasion.

State Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, speaks before Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, rear, signs an executive order requiring state agencies to start preparations now for the enactment of the state's medical marijuana bill Friday, March 27, 2015, in Atlanta.
David Goldman / Associated Press

The Georgia House of Representatives approved a measure Tuesday that would allow more medical conditions to be eligible for treatment by medical cannabis oil.

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The bill now moves to the state Senate, which recently passed its own cannabis oil measure that would add autism to the list of eligible conditions, but would also reduce the THC level of cannabis oil from 5 percent to 3 percent.

A raised flower bed in Mattie Freeland Park, with the words 'We Are Better Together' painted on the side.
Molly Samuel / WABE

The Atlanta neighborhood of English Avenue doesn't have many parks, but there's one that a community got together and built themselves in honor of a local resident who was like a grandmother to her neighbors.

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Mattie Freeland was the kind of woman who always shared her food and checked in on people, say people who knew her. They called her "Miss Mattie." She passed away several years ago, but the park that’s grown next door to her house was sort of her idea.

Georgia Voters Mixed On Trump's Speech

Mar 1, 2017

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We're checking in this morning with people around the country about the president's speech, what they thought of it. In Huntington, Calif., 21-year-old Trump voter Abigail Stagmeier (ph) was impressed.

Presidents of Clark Atlanta University and Georgia Piedmont Technical College signed a new partnership agreement on Wednesday at Clark Atlanta University's campus.
Tasnim Shamma / WABE

Leaders of historically black colleges and universities in Atlanta are back home after a visit to the White House.

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Their trip ended Tuesday afternoon with President Donald Trump signing an executive order that he said supports HBCUs.

The presidents of Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College and Morehouse College were among the dozens of HBCU leaders in attendance.

David Goldman / Associated Press

When it comes to sexual assault claims on college campuses, there are many gray areas. Cases are often based on “he said, she said" testimony.

Monday, a Georgia House committee passed a bill that aims to establish fair processes on campus for both parties. Rep. Earl Ehrhart, R-Powder Springs, sponsored House Bill 51 because, he said, too many male college students in Georgia are wrongly accused of sexual assault.

David Goldman / Associated Press


U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently reversed an Obama-era directive for federal prisons to begin severing ties with private prison companies.  

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Of the country's 12 privately run federal prisons, Georgia is home to two: McRae and D. Ray James in the middle and south parts of the state. Only Texas has more.

Elly Yu / WABE

A Georgia House committee approved a bill Monday that would allow licensed gun owners to carry concealed weapons on public college campuses.

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"This is changing the dynamic, and it's allowing people and affording the opportunity to defend themselves," said Rep. Mandi Ballinger, R-Canton, sponsor of the bill. 

When President Trump delivers his speech at the Capitol on Tuesday, he'll be looking out at a GOP-controlled Congress. It's now new DNC Chairman Tom Perez's job to coordinate the opposition to change that dynamic.

The former labor secretary was elected on Saturday in Atlanta.

Perez tells NPR's Steve Inskeep that Democrats have a lot of work to do.

Andrea Corredor

It's Black History Month, and some Atlanta Public Schools students celebrated recently with a civil rights anthem.

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StoryCorps Atlanta

Today, another quick look back at our partnership with StoryCorps.

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It was 10 years ago this month that WABE partnered with StoryCorps Griot to record the voices, experiences, and life stories of African Americans here in Atlanta. Here is one of those conversations with Muriel Durley, who spoke with her husband, Gerald.

We watched more than 6,000 videos. Ten judges weighed in. Now, the 2017 Tiny Desk Contest has a winner.

Susan Walsh / Associated Press

Last Friday, Sierra Club members held a rally in downtown Atlanta.  They were there to support the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, while voicing their opposition to its new chief.  

The U.S. Senate recently confirmed President Trump's nominee, former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. During his time in Oklahoma, Pruitt fought against EPA regulations, often in consultation with energy firms, as revealed in recently-released emails.

Among his targets:  President Obama's Clean Power Plan, which Pruitt has promised to scrap.

Stephannie Stokes / WABE

Marcuss Ealy walks through a big warehouse, passing aisles filled with various shapes of cardboard boxes.

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The warehouse on the westside of unincorporated Fulton County is part of a national printing company, Integrated Merchandising Systems (IMS). Ealy points to workers who are getting orders ready to ship.

“See I started on this aisle way back where that lady at,” Ealy said. “That’s the packer.”

Atlanta Streetcar near Centennial Park
Alison Guillory / WABE

The Atlanta Streetcar is offering other cities a lesson – in what not to do.

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In the District of Columbia, the executive director of the District Department of Transportation said he will keep the streetcar free for the next four years.