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Joe A. MacGown / Mississippi Entomological Museum via AP

Researchers believe one tiny beetle that made its way to Georgia could be responsible for introducing a lethal tree disease that's wiped out hundreds of millions of trees. 

It's known as the redbay ambrosia beetle, and it likely came along with cargo shipped from southeast Asia into the Port of Savannah about 15 years ago. 

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The University of Florida's Jason Smith says he and his team traced the disease back to one female beetle.

Al Such / WABE

Ten years, 30 code-enforcement citations and $400,000 in federal money.

That’s what it’s taking to address blight at the Brannon Hill Condominiums near Clarkston.

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Thursday morning, DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond kicks off the demolition of two of the complex's abandoned buildings.

The Brannon Hill Condominiums have highlighted the challenges local governments can face in tackling eyesore properties.

Decatur Gets $11 Million To Purchase Land -- And Conserve It

Jul 13, 2017
Decatur City Hall
Al Such / WABE

The city of Decatur is getting an $11 million loan to help it buy the United Methodist Children's Home property. 

And it's getting really good terms on the loan. 

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The city's Public Facilities Authority was awarded this loan by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, provided by the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority.

Martha Dalton / WABE

The School Nutrition Association held its annual conference at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta this week. More than 900 vendors presented the latest in school food trends.

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There were all kinds of food options, including international, gluten-free and vegetarian fare. Companies also brought equipment to sell, from slicers and dicers to high-tech freezers.

Cobb County Debates Property Tax Increase

Jul 12, 2017
Brennan Linsley / Associated Press

Cobb County's Board of Commissioners will decide later this month whether or not to increase property taxes in the county by 10 percent.

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Commissioners held two public meetings to discuss the tax increase this week. A third will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 25.

At a meeting Monday night, close to 100 people showed up to protest the tax hike, including Debbie Fisher from East Cobb.