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"City Lights" explores the ways in which people express themselves creatively and enhance our lives.

In addition to a wide range of music, "City Lights" covers theater, dance, pop culture, visual arts and more. WABE has long been a partner with many organizations in Atlanta and through "City Lights" we're deepening those relationships to serve our community with even greater arts and cultural content. 

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According to FilmL.A.’s annual Feature Film Study, 17 major motion pictures were filmed here in 2016, making Georgia the top location for feature film production – much of it in and around Atlanta.

But if the city is in a shot, Atlanta is usually standing in for somewhere else: most recently for New York City in “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

Aurora Theatre

Aurora Theatre and Theatrical Outfit unite again! This time, the theater companies are producing the musical “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

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This production made a splash in Germany at the beginning of the millennium and now is being produced at regional theaters in the United States. The show takes the songs of the animated Disney movie and adapts them to Victor Hugo’s original text. The themes and the plot of the show also more closely resemble the novel.

Courtesy of Aurora Theatre

Wednesday on "City Lights with Lois Reitzes":

cover courtesy Simon & Schuster; photo courtesy of Brantley Gutierrez

Author and screenwriter Anthony Tambakis was born in Connecticut and now lives in California. In between, he lived in Cabbagetown. That’s where, some 14 years ago, he wrote the first draft of a novel.

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That novel is called “Swimming with Bridgeport Girls” and it was published just this month.

Courtesy of Greg Mooney

Horizon Theatre’s current production, “Blackberry Daze,” takes its audience to small town Virginia at the end of World War I. There, Mae Lou, her daughter Carrie, and blues singer Pearl under the spell of gambler Herman Camm. To get an idea of his character, the story foreshadows his death, and no one is particularly interested in figuring out who did it.

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