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Atlanta, GA –
A local non-profit can now add a new 2011 Toyota SUV Highlander to it's
assets list.
The Senior Citizen Services of Metropolitan Atlanta won the vehicle in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good program.
WABE's Rose Scott has more.

They were one of five non-profit organizations in the contest.
The group needed to win by votes on Toyota's facebook page.
When the votes were tallied, Senior Citizen Services of Metropolitan Atlanta had won:

Atlanta. GA –
As the world of research and medicine recognizes 30 years of the Aids/HIV epidemic
This week health officials at Emory University launched a new online interactive map that shows the number of people living with an HIV diagnosis.
Officials hope the website increases the transparency of information made available to the public.
Now, as WABE's Rose Scott reports, the website is a turning point on how public information is disseminated about AIDS.

Atlanta, GA –
You may have already seen or used Coca Cola's new Freestyle machine.
Officials with the Atlanta based soft drink giant say it's innovative in offering numerous drink selections.
The machines are only in select cities inside fast food dining venues.
WABE's Rose Scott has more on the machine officals say will revolutionize quick dining soft drink options.

Atlanta, GA –
There's good news and bad news for the performing arts community in Cobb County.
The Cobb Symphony Orchestra is performing its farewell concert this evening.
That's the bad news but the good news will even the score.
Marjorie Coley has the story.

Atlanta, GA –
In the October 10th edition of The Atlanta Journal Constitution, a 10-page section will be dedicated to reviewing nine area school boards.
WABE's Rose Scott has more:

Atlanta, GA –
More than 60-thousand farmers will have to wait until Congress returns in mid November---for possible passage of legislation that would fund a decade's old settlement.
WABE's Rose Scott reports, nearly 2-thousand black farmers in Georgia are also waiting for their share of 1.25-billion dollars.

Some of the farmers have been waiting so long many have actually left farming.
Ralph Paige is the executive director of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives:

Atlanta, GA –
The chair of the Atlanta Board of Education says she was not aware that a policy change (introduced during the week of July 12th) regarding the vote structure to remove an officer.
WABE's Rose Scott has more:

Atlanta, GA – This Crossover day, a controversial bill has passed the Senate.
The bill banning abortions based on race of the mother or baby is headed for another showdown among supporters and opponents.
WABE's Rose Scott reports:

Atlanta, GA – Supporters of another proposed abortion bill this time in the Senate are hoping it will gain some momentum.
But as WABE's Rose Scott reports, the bill also impacts abortion providers in the state:

Atlanta, GA – It's clearer now...why a controversial abortion bill was sent back to the judiciary committee last week. Usually that means a bill is finished.
However sponsors say, the bill will come back after specific changes are made.
WABE's Rose Scott has more:

Atlanta, GA – Presidents of eight Historically Black Colleges and universities are gathering in Atlanta for a two day forum on advancing education for African American students.
WABE's Rose Scott reports, the group called the Interlink Alliance will focus on sharing strategies in teaching.

Atlanta, GA – The Governor's Office of Student Achievement looked at results from both middle and elementary CRCT tests from the spring of 2009.

It found 10 percent of the schools had an unusual amount of erasures changing wrong answers to correct ones.

Atlanta, GA – It's called settlement week.
It offers non-custodial parents the opportunity to pay past due child support payments or make further arrangements.
Keith Horton is the state's child services director:

((we wanted to ensure that these families had everything they need during this economic downturn and especially during the holiday season ))

Besides making payments, Horton says the department will also offer assistance for those unemployed.

Atlanta, GA – (( fred mills playing with ))

Typically the brass section of a symphony orchestra sits at the back, but Fred Mills and the Canadian Brass had a different idea...
They took their ensemble to center stage, and in the spotlight.


Atlanta, GA – Dr. Randall Manning, a PH-D, is the toxicology coordinator for the state Environmental Protection Division. He told WABE's Denis O'Hayer the Federal report matches what state monitors are seeing in the field.

Atlanta, GA – Dr. Randall Manning, a PH-D, is the toxicology coordinator for the state Environmental Protection Division. He told WABE's Denis O'Hayer the Federal report matches what state monitors are seeing in the field.

Atlanta, GA – Dr. Randall Manning, a PH-D, is the toxicology coordinator for the state Environmental Protection Division. He told WABE's Denis O'Hayer the Federal report matches what state monitors are seeing in the field.

Atlanta, GA – Chambliss also disputed Johnson's estimate that there are more than 40 million uninsured Americans. Chambliss estimated more than half either have insurance available, and decline coverage or are in the country illegally. He said that leaves about 14 million Americans lacking coverage.

Chambliss told W-A-B-E's Denis O'Hayer Democrats and Republicans will both have to make concessions to get a bill passed this year.

Atlanta, GA – Earlier this month, DeKalb County Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson told W-A-B-E's Denis O'Hayer he would insist on the government option and if it weren't in the plan, that would be what he called a "deal breaker" for him.

Today August 17th, Johnson tells Denis O'Hayer his insistence on a public option has only strengthened, despite the new flexibility from the White House.

Atlanta, GA – Last time on All Things Considered, Governor Riley gave Alabama's political view. We hear from Alabama's legal case from its lead counsel in the lawsuit, Matt Lembke.

He argued Georgia has no chance on appeal, because the judge found a clear violation of the Federal Water Supply Act. But Lembke added Alabama still has an incentive to negotiate because Atlanta's future is vital to the entire Southeast.

Atlanta, GA – The battle over the F-22 fighter jet should resume in the U.S Senate this week. The jet is made at Lockheed's plant in Marietta. The Senate will voted on an amendment to the defense spending bill..which would end production of any new jets. WABE's Denis O'Hayer spoke with Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss, who is leading the fight to expand the F-22 program. Chambliss says he expects a close vote across party lines.

Atlanta, GA – Republican GA. Senator Johnny Isakson is calling for a basic medical insurance plan for everyone which patients could pay for with tax credits or vouchers. He opposes the government as a provider. Dr. Daniel Blumenthal wants to make the government the single provider for most. He's a professor of Community Health and Preventive Medicine at the Morehouse School of Medicine. Speaking for himself, he believes that a single payer system, with Medicare covering everyone would be more efficient.

Atlanta, GA – Georgia Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss was overseas last week, when President Obama nominated Federal Appeals Court Judge Sonya Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court. The nomination provoked strong opposition among some conservatives while Republican Senators debate among themselves how to approach the confirmation vote. Senator Saxby Chambliss told WABE's Denis O'Hayer he needs to learn much more about Sotomayor so he'll read her opinions and talk to everyone who knows her and the Court.

Atlanta, GA – Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel says she will fight the U.S. Justice Department decision to throw out the state's voter screening system. It cross-checks a voter's information with state databases like driver's license records to verify identity and citizenship.The Justice Department ruled the databases are unreliable and the screening system disproportionately affbaeDects minority voters. WABE's Denis O'Hayer talked with leaders on both sides beginning with Secretary of State Handel.

Atlanta, GA – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is generally classified as an anxiety disorder.
But for war veterans, it can also be a disorder of the heart.

"War injures the soul, distorts the heart, confuses the mind, ruins the identity."

Psychotherapist and author Edward Tick, has been working with war veterans and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for nearly three decades.