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You've Won $550 Million! Atlantans Talk Powerball Jackpot

Nov 28, 2012

The good news is all it takes is one set of winning numbers to become an instant millionaire.

The bad news, the odds of you having those winning numbers is about 1 in 175 million.

Today’s multi-state Powerball is over $500 million.

Some are feeling lucky and already have plans made just in case they are holding the winning tickets.

This is the 2nd largest multi-state jackpot in U.S history.


It’s lunchtime along Cheshire Bridge Rd. in Atlanta, Georgia.

Patrick McCauley is having lunch at Roxx Restaurant and like millions of others he knows what to do if he wins tonight’s Powerball Jackpot.

“Besides the obvious of paying off the house, credit cards and all that, buy a house that I really want and fix it up buy a house for my in-laws and get them out of the neighborhood they’re in, take care of my family and partner’s family as well.”

Meanwhile seated outside, Grant Posey has already made a big promise to his co-worker and friend Jessica.

“So we were talking earlier and I told her, I said if I hit the lottery when you get married, it’s paid for.”

Jessica playfully responded, “I have a contract drawn up right now, he just doesn’t know about it. He said no limit, we’ll see”.

Besides paying for Jessica’s wedding, Posey says many charities would benefit from his windfall.

Across the street at Johnny’s Pizza, Sally has greeted customers for many years.

But if she wins, Sally is taking the money and helping her boyfriend’s father who does missionary work.

“He has churches in Ecuador and in Argentina and Peru and all over South America. That’s what I would do with the money really; I would go down there and build housing and do plumbing and education. And I would give money where I know it would really help and to missions also here in the states.”

Sally told WABE she’s also going to pay off her parent’s home.

Then, she will embark on her “tacky-tour” road trip.

That’s where she will hit every known tourist hotspot across the country in a refurbished RV.

According to Georgia Lottery officials, there are two ways to collect the Powerball jackpot.

One option is 30 graduated payments over the next 29 years.

The other is the cash option, which is approximately $360 million before taxes.