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Wanted: Your Coyote Encounters

Dec 3, 2014

Chris Mowry in north Georgia, with equipment that senses collared coyotes. He hopes the next step of the Atlanta coyote study might involve measures like this.
Credit Kate Sweeney / WABE

They’re larger than foxes and travel in ones and twos. And if you live in one of Atlanta’s wooded neighborhoods, then it’s possible that you’ve spotted a coyote near your house, or heard its wild call… which sounds something like this.

'We would like to educate people about not fearing wildlife, understanding wildlife, living with wildlife.'

Now a new survey by Berry College wants to know about your coyote encounters, Atlanta. 

Biologist Chris Mowry is heading up the survey, which is the first part of what he hopes will be a long-term coyote study of intown coyotes, the first of its kind conducted here.

WABE’s Kate Sweeney sat down to talk with him about why they’re doing this study now, which neighborhoods are seeing a high coyote count, and the widespread misconceptions people tend to have about these wily creatures.

In this extended version: More on similar studies taking place around the country, and the fascinating story of how the coyote replaced the red wolf in north Georgia’s food chain.

Here’s a link to video caught by the Chicago “coyote cam” Chris Mowry talks about in the extended interview. If you have your own story of hearing or spotting a coyote in your Atlanta neighborhood, you can fill out the Berry College survey here.