Visual Storytelling - Jerry Pinkney at the High

Nov 6, 2013

Not all art is created to be hung on a wall—in the case of artist Jerry Pinkney, his watercolors have illustrated children’s books, National Park Service projects, National Geographic and earned him the Caldecott Medal in the course of his 50 year career. Now a retrospective of his work has made it onto the walls of the High Museum and WABE’s Myke Johns visited the gallery with the artist to take a look at Witness: The Art of Jerry Pinkney.

Jerry Pinkney's work is on display at the High Museum now through January 5th, you can find more at Atlanta PlanIt. And as part of that exhibit, the High will be hosting Jerry Pinkney read-ins, featuring special guests reading some of the artist’s books for children. There is more on that at the High's website here.