UGA Mourning the Loss of Cecelia Seiler

Cecelia Seiler and UGA V.
Credit University of Georgia
English Bulldogs have on the sidelines of UGA football games since 1956.
Credit University of Georgia

Bulldog Nation is mourning the loss of Cecelia Seiler.

She's the woman who helped put a face, and a few paws, to the University of Georgia.

The tradition of having an English Bulldog on the sidelines at UGA football games started in 1956.

That's when Cecelia and her husband, Sonny, received a white bulldog as a wedding present.

Shortly afterwards, the young couple brought the dog to a UGA football game.

He was dressed in a shirt that had a "G" on it that was sewn on by Cecelia.

One thing led to another and the University of Georgia found itself a live mascot.

"You know it all started with the Seilers getting together and creating an idea.  It was bought in by the administration here at the University of Georgia, at that time that it's a good idea and off we go," says UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity.

Since then, the Seiler family has continued having UGAs on the field, including current live mascot UGA IX.

According to a statement from UGA, Mrs. Seiler died following a lengthy illness.

"We're just sorry of her passing, but we know she's in a better place today," says McGarity.

In a written statement, UGA President Jere Morehead said: "We all mourn (Seiler's) passing and are so thankful for her faithful love and care for the Bulldog tradition."

She was 80 years old.