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Two Raymonds Explore Contrast In 'Black And White Show'

Mar 13, 2017

Two longtime collaborators who happen to have the same first name, Raymond Carr and Raymond Wade Tilton, have created a show about contrast. Divided into vignettes, the show looks at contrast in a variety ways from relationships to religion to their own artistic partnership.

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“The Black and White Show: A Show About Contrast” has two performances at the Village Theatre on March 16 and 23. Both shows start at 9 p.m.

Carr and Tilton said that the show is not explicitly about race, but somehow, it becomes about race. 

“Part of it is that you just can’t not see race in Atlanta with a black man and a white man putting on a show called ‘The Black and White Show,’ ” Carr said in an interview with WABE's Lois Reitzes. “The fact that we live in this world and this is a part of who we are, it permeates.”

“It definitely makes it a little bit more of a sellable show,” Tilton said with a laugh.

Both collaborators are seasoned puppeteers, and along with puppetry, the show will feature films and performance pieces.

The pair have collaborated for more than a decade, and they attribute that to their differences.

“I always say that [Raymond] Wade is the fartsy to my artsy,” Carr said. “I am a little more in tune to mainstream pop culture, straight narrative, whereas Wade is more experimental and avant-garde.”