Top Official With CARE Talks Campaign to End Gender-based Violence

Mar 11, 2013

The Atlanta-based world organization CARE is using International Women’s Day to highlight the fight against gender-based violence.

Two horrific events made international headlines that according to CARE strengthen the need to bring awareness about the terrors girls and women throughout the globe are facing.

A fourteen year old Pakistani schoolgirl is shot in the head by the Taliban.

She survived.

In New Delhi, a young woman is gang raped on a bus and brutally beaten.

She died.

It’s this type of violence against girls and women that Dr. Helene Gayle says must end.

“We’re thrilled that our country and the president signed into law the violence against women act and we want to stand with committed citizens around the world to make sure that gender- based violence is eliminated globally.”

Dr. Gayle is the president and CEO of CARE.

Helene D. Gayle is president and CEO of CARE USA based in Atlanta, GA.

The campaigns’ goals are to educate and empower girls and women around the world.

But Dr. Gayle also recognizes the importance of including males in the conversation.

She uses the country of Benin in West Africa as an example.

“They just passed a law last year that made gender based violence illegal. And it was because citizens came up   in voice, men and women together voiced their sense of outrage around the degree of gender-based violence.”

But Dr. Gayle says there are other countries that need help.

The World Health Organization says 59 percent of women in rural Ethiopia reported being subjected to sexual violence and in Peru it was 52 percent.