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Three Page-Turners...from Karin Slaughter

Aug 12, 2013

John Lemley and Karin Slaughter
Credit Kate Sweeney / WABE

  Unsurprisingly, Karin Slaughter’s book picks are all fairly exciting…and a little grim. The bestselling crime writer, who calls Atlanta home, has a habit of setting her novels in or near our fair city (the latest, Unseen, is set in Macon).

What does she look for in a page-turner? Character development, suspense…and, she says, it doesn’t hurt to have a little blood.

Here's the radio edit:

And in this extended version of the interview, Karin discusses growing up in Gone With the Wind Central, Jonesboro, Georgia; why a crime writer enjoys reading crime fiction for fun, and her adolescent obsession with the "so-bad-it's-good" gothic writing of V.C. Andrews.

"Every book that has some kind of crime in it...really, it's an entree into kind of peeling the scab off the human condition."


Karin Slaughter’s Picks: