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Three Page-Turners...from Amber Nash

Sep 11, 2013

Improv and voice actor Amber Nash with her Page-Turners picks
Credit Kate Sweeney / WABE

On WABE Page-Turners, Atlantans from all walks of life tells us the stories behind three of their favorite books.

Amber Nash is best-known as the voice of the character Pam Poovey on the F-X animated show, Archer. Locally, she’s worked as an improviser and director at Dad’s Garage Theater for more than a decade.

The books she chose for Page-Turners reflect her improv and comedy leanings, but also her interest in imaginative worlds.

First, here’s the radio edit of Amber Nash's conversation with Kate Sweeney.

'I used to have this recurring dream that the apartment that I live in has some weird room I've never seen. And that's what 'Wicked' is like. You know this place so well....and then, all of a sudden, there's this room you've never seen before!'

In this extended version of that conversation, Kate talks with Amber about her role as Pam on Archer, including what she imagines Pam’s favorite books would be. Amber also talks about some of her favorite moments in Bossypants, and why, as a brunette, she feels both a kinship and an adversarial relationship with Three’s Company’s Joyce DeWitt.

Amber Nash's Picks