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Stonecrest Mayoral Candidate Calls For Investigation Into Mailers

Mar 20, 2017

One of the people running for mayor of Stonecrest is asking for state and county investigations into a mailer about him sent to voters over the weekend.

The mailer accused Charles Hill of being bipolar and manic depressive and compared him to Anthony Hill, a veteran shot and killed by a police officer two years ago. Anthony Hill's family has said he suffered from mental illness.

Charles Hill said he wants the DeKalb County Board of Ethics and Georgia's Secretary of State to investigate. He said he didn't have anything to do with the mailers and he doesn't know who is responsible.


"I would never demean my reputation, the reputation of my father or the reputation of a deceased veteran," Hill said. "And whoever is responsible for this, they're going to get their due by the letter of the law at some point in the future."


Hill's primary care physician confirmed at a press conference held Monday that Hill does not suffer from a mental illness.


Jason Lary and Douglas Favors, Hill's opponents in the mayoral race, both denied responsibility for the mailers.


The return address on the mailers is an empty lot in Lithonia.


Tuesday is the first election for the city of Stonecrest.