State school chief unveils new education campaign

Nov 13, 2012

State School  Superintendent John Barge launched a new statewide education campaign Tuesday at Twin Rivers Middle School in Buford. The campaign is called Georgia’s Future. Now!

Superintendent Barge says the Georgia Department of Education created the campaign to improve teacher morale, implement best practices in the classroom and rally around successes in public education.

“That’s part of what we’re trying to repair is the message about public education. There are a lot of  good things going on in the state of Georgia, and they’re not a lot of people telling the story about what’s good. A lot of folks like to sing about what’s bad, so we’re trying to change that message.”

Barge says the initiative is not a result of the bitter battle waged recently over a constitutional amendment for charter schools but is needed after years of education budget cuts due to the economy. He says the campaign will feature a humorous web series called Modern Teacher. The series and roundtables that will be held after the airing of each episode will begin in January.

Both are designed to help educators discuss statewide initiatives such as a new teacher evaluation system, common core standards and a new program that redesigns high school curriculum so students can take classes related to what they want to do after graduation.