State Audit Finds Record Keeping Problems at DDS

Dec 28, 2012

A new state audit paints a less than glowing report of record keeping at the Georgia Dept. of Driver Services (DDS).
Credit Ga. DDS

A new state audit of Georgia’s Department of Driver Services (DDS) says problems with its record keeping could jeopardize federal highway funds.

The audit cites problems in DDS records including incorrect addresses, missing and unreliable conviction case numbers, and missing blood alcohol levels for DUI convictions.

DDS spokesperson Susan Sports says the agency is still studying the report. “We take it very seriously, so we are going to delve into it much deeper, but there are things in the report we have worked on,” said Sports.

Sports says the department started sending postcard reminders several years ago to people who had moved but had not updated their drivers licenses.

The audit recommends DDS establish a procedure to work with court systems to get conviction information more quickly with fewer errors.  Courts are required by law to provide the information, but the audit notes DDS has no enforcement powers.

The audit also calls for the General Assembly to consider legislation on administrative license suspensions for DUIs. That could keep the state in compliance with federal regulations and avoid the risk of losing federal highway money.