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In The Spotlight: Village Theatre Celebrates Women’s History

Mar 16, 2017

Ten years ago, critic and author Christopher Hitchens wrote an essay for Vanity Fair called “Why Women Aren’t Funny.”

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That outrageous premise did not originate with Hitchens himself, nor did it die with him in 2011. 

This month, the Village Theatre has been putting that notion to task in a celebration of women’s history told through specialty shows, all conceptualized and performed by their women ensemble members.

In an interview for “City Lights,” host Lois Reitzes spoke about the month’s programming with Village Theatre ensemble member and volunteer coordinator Cayla Priest, along with theater co-owner and ensemble member Blair Holden.

During their studio visit, Holden also announced the dates for the Third Annual Atlanta Improv Festival. The event will take place May 11-13 at The Village Theatre, with nationally recognized improv comedian Susan Messing headlining.

More information about the Atlanta Improv Festival as well as the Village Theatre's Women's History Month programming can be found at