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Speaker Ralston: Ga. House Won’t Tweak ‘Campus Carry’ Bill

Mar 21, 2016

Republican House Speaker David Ralston, in an interview with WABE Monday, said the chamber would not pass new measures in the final days of the legislative session to address concerns from Republican Gov. Nathan Deal, and other critics, over a “campus carry” bill passed by the General Assembly.  

“If you start trying to pick at the threads of some of these things, sometimes you can end up gutting the entire intent of the law, and I’m not going to ask this House of Representatives to do that,” Ralston said.  

The bill that passed the House and Senate would allow licensed gun holders to take weapons on the campuses of Georgia’s public colleges and universities. It makes exceptions for dorms, fraternities and sororities and sporting events.

Deal has detailed his concerns guns would be brought into day cares, disciplinary hearings and faculty and administrative offices.

Some of those issues “may be more appropriately left to institutions,” Deal said, “rather than put it in a statute that is not flexible at all.”  

“We did not hear those concerns until after the bill had passed both the House and Senate,” Ralston said, “This bill has been through a very exhaustive and very thorough process by two different chambers and so I think it’s time that we put that one to bed, and I consider that it is in bed resting comfortably and will be signed into law.”

Deal has so far been hesitant to say whether he’ll veto the bill if legislation is not passed to address his concerns.  

WABE has reached out to Gov. Nathan Deal's office for a response to Ralston’s statements and had not received a response by publication.