South DeKalb's "Greenhaven" Would Be Second Largest City In Georgia

Jan 30, 2015

The proposed city, Greenhaven, would become the second largest city in Georgia.
Credit Elly Yu / WABE

South DeKalb is one of the latest groups joining the cityhood movement. The new name?


If incorporation does happens, Greenhaven would become the second largest city in Georgia, with nearly 300,000 people living in unincorporated South DeKalb. The proposed map includes South DeKalb south of U.S. 78, excluding Stonecrest.

A group, the Concerned Citizens for Cityhood of South Dekalb, is behind the push for the new city and says the main reason for incorporation is economic development.

“We believe that by incorporating we get to focus attention on ourselves, and that we can then build our economic sustainability, build our economic development and our commercialism,” said Kathryn Rice, chair of the Concerned Citizens for Cityhood of South DeKalb.

She said the group is also calling for cityhood because the unincorporated part of South DeKalb would have to bear the brunt in paying the county’s pension plan. She said new incorporated cities that used to be part of DeKalb County, like Brookhaven and Dunwoody, are no longer obligated to do so.

The University of Georgia will conduct a study in February to see if all this cityhood is feasible, Rice said.

State Representative Pam Stephenson said she would likely introduce a bill next week.  

Greenhaven is one of several other cities that are being proposed in DeKalb County, including Tucker and LaVista Hills. South Fulton is also considering cityhood this year.