Solar Advocates Encouraged By PSC Decisions

Nov 21, 2012

Solar advocates are applauding a set of recent decisions by the Public Service Commission that aim to significantly boost Georgia’s solar capacity.

Over the next three years, Georgia Power will triple the amount of solar energy made available to customers.

The PSC unanimously signed off on the plan yesterday. 

“It means that they have recognized the status quo is not really an option for Georgia and Georgians have the right to have a say-so in the way they’d like to meet their energy needs moving forward,” said Jessica Moore, executive director of the Georgia Solar Energy Association.

The commission also formally endorsed a change in state law that would allow private third parties to compete with Georgia Power and sell solar directly to customers.

Solar advocates welcomed the mostly symbolic endorsement, but it left Georgia Power officials concerned.

“We have vigorous competition for generation, we have strong regulation on the utility, and low rates for the customer, I think third party sales would only serve to drive up rates,” said company spokesman John Kraft.

Kraft warns if some Georgia Power customers are allowed to purchase power elsewhere, the cost of maintaining Georgia Power’s system would be spread out among fewer ratepayers, therefore driving up individual bills.