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Singer Matisyahu Updates Look, Sound With New Album

Jan 13, 2017

When your art is rooted in your religious faith, how does your work evolve along with your beliefs?

Matthew Paul Miller could tell you.

The hip-hop and reggae singer is better known by his Hebrew name: Matisyahu.

He emerged in the mid-2000s, clad in a long beard and traditional garments, weaving themes of Orthodox Judaism into his lyrics.

Over a decade later, Miller's almost unrecognizable. He's shed the beard and performs in his street clothes, and though religion is still in his life, he continues to strive for new sounds.

For his latest album, "Release The Bound," the musician worked with producers known for their work in electronic music, as well as collaborating with the New York-based duo Salt Cathedral, which marks Matisyahu's first duet with a female singer. 

"This EP is a pretty uplifting EP," he tells WABE contributor Mara Davis, "the songs are pretty motivating."

"[The songs] have a lot of the staples of what Matisyahu music has had in the past," he says, "but is definitely on the electronic tilt. And definitely that is the challenge when making any music really: how to put your heart and your soul into it."

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