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Senior Awareness Flash Mob

Sep 12, 2012

Atlanta’s population is aging quickly. One in ten Atlantans is 60 or older, and by the year 2030, it’s expected to be to one-in-five.  Changing the way we age, and the view of the way we age is the goal of various Senior Advocates, who later today, plan to show us all just how fun aging can be.  

When the clock strikes 12 this afternoon  Decatur square will come alive.   Without giving too much away…. About 200 or so people, aged  7-97, plan to show Decatur, and the world… that you can shake it at any age, and shake-off those negative senior stereotypes, because getting older doesn’t mean giving up on life.       

Leading the rehearsal is Lisa Kiely, Director of Leisure Services at Park Springs Retirement Community in Stone Mountain. She’s spent more than a year organizing a ‘spontaneous event ’ to bring the subject of active aging into the public dialog. 

“The idea was we’re going to get in there, we’re going to do this, and hopefully get people to start asking questions.”    

"This reminds me [of] when I auditioned for the Rockettes!"

Kiely partnered with the YMCA, the city of Decatur, and a number of other senior organizations to address aging and the perception of ageing .

“While people on the outside change and may look like they’re not capable, on the inside they have more and more experience and wisdom and that on the inside, they’re still 25, 28 years old.”

And folks like 87 year-old Bob DeBoo and 86 yea- old Corine, want people to know that they still got it! “I think it would be fun for them to see us old codgers dancing away”. “This reminds me [of] when I auditioned for the Rockettes!”

This afternoon, 53 year- old Rhonda Fox and her nearly 80 year-old mom, Avis, will be in Decatur, with more than a spring in their step!

“I’d say it puts a spring in the synapses of the brain because you have to pay attention. And it’s good for the body, and the brain and it’s good for the public image too. It’s a lot better than the alternative.” 

This exercise in active senior awareness can be seen on YouTube!