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Sen. Johnny Isakson Holds Telephone Town Hall Meeting

Mar 2, 2017

Sen. Johnny Isakson voiced his opinions about the Trump administration Thursday night.

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Isakson hosted a “telephone town hall” meeting, during which anyone could listen in, and a few people could talk to him.

One caller expressed his concerns about Russia’s alleged involvement with the U.S. elections of 2016. Isakson pointed out that he grew up during the Cold War.

“I didn't trust Russia then, and I don't trust Russia now,” Isakson said. “I know there's some questions going on now about the Trump administration. 

"I will stay on top of that issue to make sure that they're [Russia] treated as anybody else should be who's declared the things they've declared against us."

Another caller said she was afraid the Trump administration’s travel ban sent the wrong message to immigrants and refugees in America. Isakson agreed, saying that while the travel ban might have been well intentioned, it had a bumpy roll-out.

“The rollout was not done well and did not, in fact, carry the message the president really intended for it to carry," he said. "And I think he's paid a price for that, but it's the price you pay when you go too far too fast."

The “telephone town hall meeting” lasted for an hour, and around 20 people were able to speak with the Senator. Amanda Maddox, Isakson’s communications director said there will be more opportunities in the future for citizens to voice their concerns and speak with their state leaders.