School Board Agrees on Superintendent's Contract

Dec 11, 2012

APS Superintendent Erroll Davis

It took nearly seven hours, but Monday night the Atlanta Board of Education voted to extend the contract of Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Erroll Davis.

However, the new deal also gives the board greater flexibility for removing Davis.

The nine member board went through many contract variations and several failed motions before agreeing on the 18-month extension.

It passed by a 7 to 2 vote.

After the long, contentious, and sometimes confusing discussion, Chairman Reuben McDaniel translated the terms.

“So basically we’ll have a {from December 31 two additional years}. There’ll be the six months on his contract, eighteen month additional extension and we have given ourselves flexibility within if that time if we hire a new superintendent to terminate the contract with a 90 day notice.”

That also allows the board to fire the superintendent for any reason with 90 days’ notice.

McDaniel said this deal also gives the APS board time to carefully plan and execute a search for the next superintendent after Davis.

“We’ll begin the search immediately and really look for candidates over the next twelve to eighteen months that really serve as a transition point. My expectation is that the new board would actually make the decision about the new superintendent but we would have done a lot of ground work and try to identify some great candidates.”

The new board that McDaniel is referring to would include new board members elected in November of 2013.

Until then concerned citizen, Nathaniel Dyer says he hopes Erroll Davis will continue to improve the district.

“The contract extension signals more work to be done. I’m happy with the decision that they’ve come up with.”

Dyer who has been critical of Davis in the past says he now believes Davis is trying to bring stability to the school system.

Erroll Davis was not present when the final vote was taken.

Chairman Reuben McDaniel said he would discuss the extension offer and did expect the superintendent to accept.