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SCAD Founder Releases Memoir On Building The University

Jul 21, 2016

In 1978, then elementary school teacher Paula Wallace decided to open an arts college called the Savannah College of Art and Design.

SCAD is now a university, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in anything from fibers to animation to writing.

Along with being its founder, Wallace has been  SCAD's president since 2000, and in her recent memoir "The Bee and the Acorn," Wallace reflects on her journey from elementary schools to higher education: from renovating their first building — Savannah Volunteer Guard Armor — to expanding SCAD to four campuses.  

And it all started with her appreciation for the arts in elementary schools:

“I used to drag my own piano into my classroom... and I just saw that arts enlivened all of education," said Wallace. " And I felt they [the arts] shouldn’t be viewed as an avocation but rather as a vocation."

Lois Reitzes delved into more of SCAD’s history with Wallace in the interview above.