Retiring ATL Urbanist Offers Ideas For A Better Atlanta

Nov 5, 2015

Givens has been capturing different sides of Atlanta through his "ATL Urbanist" blog for five and a half years.
Credit Darin Givens

How does the look of a street affect the lives of those who live there? How does the color of our skin determine where we're likely to live in Atlanta? And what on earth should we do about the downtown streetcar? 

For over five years, Darin Givens has addressed these questions and others raised by Atlanta's built environment, as the ATL Urbanist. Now he’s retiring the blog, but not before addressing what he sees as Atlanta’s "to do" list when it comes to urbanism.

Reporter Kate Sweeney sat down with him to discuss that list. 

Givens says he’s retiring the blog in order to open up his schedule to more freelance writing. He hopes to focus on writing about social issues affecting the city.