'Religious Freedom' Bill Expected Back In 2016 Ga. Legislature

Apr 13, 2015

Georgia Sen. Josh McKoon is vowing to reintroduce his Religious Freedom Restoration Act legislation during the 2016 legislative session.
Credit David Goldman / Associated Press


Katy Clyde, from left, Patricia Lassiter and Wandra Jordan, all of Columbus, Georgia, cheer during a rally against a contentious ''religious freedom'' bill March 17, 2015, in Atlanta.
Credit David Goldman / Associated Press

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act effort is far from over in Georgia. 

Columbus Republican Sen. Josh McKoon is vowing to bring back the potentially controversial legislation next year during the 2016 General Assembly.

McKoon’s bill passed the Senate, but stalled in the House during this year’s session of the legislature.

The lawmaker talked with Rose Scott and Denis O’Hayer on “A Closer Look.”

McKoon said he plans to continue the push for his RFRA bill, without the non-discrimination language that was added to Indiana and Arkansas’ controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act measures.

“I think what we need to do is stick to the federal language,” McKoon said during the interview on “A Closer Look.”

McKoon said he’s not worried that the same bill in Georgia might ignite a controversy similar to the recent national backlash caused by the Indiana and Arkansas RFRA measures.

McKoon explained on "A Closer Look" why he thinks the bill is necessary in Georgia, what is in his RFRA legislation and why he says it does not discriminate against the LGBT community.