Reed confirms re-election bid; brushes off political rumors

Nov 9, 2012

While talking to business leaders yesterday, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed sought to set the record straight about his political future.

Atlanta-based real estate firm Carter invited Reed to speak at its breakfast event at the Atlanta History Center. Someone in the audience asked the Mayor what he thought about annexing more land into the city limits. Reed said that question would be better for his successor when the city will likely be in a better financial position.

“And then you all will have to get it right in picking somebody after I’m done in 2017,” said Reed.

By saying 2017, the Mayor confirmed he’s running for re-election and not for higher office in Washington, which had been rumored since he became Mayor.

“So, I’m not running for Congress,” said Reed. “I’m not running for the United States Senate against anybody against Saxby Chambliss. So, we can kill that today too. I’m going to be Mayor of the city of Atlanta until the last minute of the last day of the last hour of my term if I’m fortunate enough to be re-elected.”

Rumors of Reed’s Washington aspirations started swirling around City Hall partly because of his many trips to D.C., which included appearances on national news shows to stump for President Obama. A Reed spokeswoman told WXIA – Channel 11 the Mayor has no plans to join Mr. Obama’s administration.

During the end of the question and answer period at The Carter Breakfast, Reed sought to end rumors about his political future.
Credit Wilbert News Strategies